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New Sweaters and April Fool's

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Today's update adds some cool new sweater skins made by @TkToaster and gives the PD some more tools to more effectively raid heavily fortified bases. Here's the full changelog:

New Sweaters​

@TkToaster has graciously made some new sweater skins for us, big thanks to him! Thanks to our system it is relatively easy to add new skins, so if you are interested in contributing some new skins for some clothes yourself, please contact me!

Here are some of the new sweater skins:

Police Update​

As some people have...

Community Spotlight - February 2022

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Aquaa hosted a car meet event on the 19th February which also included a race towards the end. Legion, who nominated Aquaa via Discord said the event went much smoother than expected with over 30 players that took part. The police did an excellent job of ensuring the convoy took place legally and safely. Aquaa you can claim $50,000 for your efforts if you make a report when a Community Manager is next online.​
Boris Lagunov was nominated by Blobvis for his great roleplay as a Fire Department Trainer on the 13th February. You can see in this screenshot Boris is teaching a couple of students the ways of firefighting. Jyrgen you...​

Operation Break Perpheads

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We decided, for the meme, we want to hit 100 players today. As an incentive to join we will be doing the following.

3 months of VIP will be awarded to 10 players on the server when we reach 100 players.
Two free spins for every two hours of concurrent playtime (one if not premium).

Make the trike the vehicle of choice for the spin to win wheel! (will be set to the trike later in the day)
Good luck to everyone in the giveaways and we hope to see you there to make history!

Community Decal Update - 09/02/2022

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A few weeks ago we had a community decal competition where we chose 4 decals that would be included in the game. Since then, a lot of other community members have also submitted some cool decals, some of which we also added today.
Today's update also adds the ability to have both a full size decal and a monogram at the same time, so you do not have to choose between having either now.
Additionally, we also changed the range of colors you can pick for your shirts. While they were really restrictive before, you are now able to pick darker and brighter colors and you will actually be able to wear a white shirt.

Tetris was also massively improved @Carrot .

Big thanks to everyone participating in the competition and everyone else who submitted decals.
Here are all the newly added decals with credits in no...

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