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Update Log - 31/08/2018

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Update Log - 31/08/2018

Another small update went live this morning, with the aim of improving a few areas of the game-play, as well as some bug fixes.
  • Added more Suduko levels
  • Added more staff logs
  • TFU slots now scale based on the number of Officers on duty
  • Due to over pollution of fishing areas, fishing rods now can hook other items as including some rarer and more valuable items
  • All Officers can view the properties of a warranted suspect
  • Added bandages to the default police gear
  • The nightstick can now push people
  • Cuffed players can now sit down
  • Added Roadcrew voice radio
  • Exposure to fire now properly removes the DNA from corpses
  • Fixed explosions not reducing the time a player can be revived for
  • Fixed bug where players would appear crouching while standing up
  • Fixed a couple of exploits
@Fredy also pushed a small hot-fix...

Changes to Senior Administration

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As you may of have noticed, @MrLewis has sadly resigned from his role as Senior Administrator. We'd like to thank him for his hard work and time he has given toward the staff team and the community during his time.

As a result, I've been attempting to decide who would be the right fit for the role, and have come to the conclusion that two Senior Administrators would be beneficial to pushing the staff team forward. This way we can handle refund requests, general community work & staff-related matters more effectively.

I hope you'll join me in congratulating @TinySlayer and @ayjay ツ to their new roles, and give them both a warm welcome to the Senior Administration team.

Thank you.

Update Log - 22/08/2018

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Update Log - 22/08/2018

We have another small quality of life update today bundled together with a whole bunch of things @TinySlayer fixed.
  • Added a visible timer when in jail
  • The backdoor of the PD now opens automatically (like the front door)
  • Added cool down to stim packs and slightly rebalanced them
  • Stolen vehicles can now be entered by the person who broke into them even after leaving the car (until the owner re-locks the car)
  • There is now a column in the org menu showing whether or not a member is online
  • Fixed crafting not giving experience towards the crafting skill level
Changes/Bugfixes by @TinySlayer:
  • Changed default ticket amount to $1000
  • Fixed couriers getting into police cars
  • Fixed phone messenger noise when holding a phone
  • Fixed getting stuck zoomed in with binoculars...

Update Log - 16/08/2018

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Update Log - 16/08/2018

Today we have a slightly bigger update for you that mainly focuses on changing crafting drastically and adding smoke detectors. Here's the full changelog:
  • Reworked crafting to not be as interactive anymore and generally much easier to use
    • You don't have to click on individual components to add them to the mixture anymore
    • Added a nice overview of the mixture that lists all skills required to craft it from scratch and additionally any raw ingredients you are missing to fully craft this item (any intermediate items you already have are taken into account as well)
    • You can now craft an entire item even though you don't have all immediate ingredients, as long as you have enough ingredients to craft any intermediate...

Update Log - 08/08/2018

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Update Log - 08/08/2018

After some time without any updates (mostly because of me being extremely busy) we now have a semi-heavy update for you. While most of the changes are relatively small I think they will improve the experience of everyone a lot.
  • Fixed legs not being shown when you look down
  • You can now choose to whisper in voice chat - limiting the range you can be heard from - by changing the mode using a key configurable in the F1 Menu (default G)
  • When a car is moving at a dangerous speed you now have to double press E to exit the car
  • There is now a call button in the messenger app
  • Removed the fee from doing bank transfers on the phone and upped the max transferable amount to $100,000
  • Fish prices are now 5 times as high, making fishing more profitable
  • Handing yourself in at the PD when having a warrant will now correctly...

Server Events: 20/07/2018

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Server Events: 20/07/2018 - Friday 5PM GMT +1

Hi everyone!

Events to be hosted will be:

TIME: 5:00PM

EVENT: Glass Co Parker Raid
Two teams, one in parker and one in Glass Co. The idea? Try to kill each other as quickly as possible with all the weapons provided for you.

PRIZE: Winners will receive 50K each.​


TIME: 7:00PM

EVENT: Zombie Apocalypse
The suburbs district will be quarinted off, your job? Go in there and eliminate as many of the infected as possible, ammo supply areas will be dotted around the district. Let's just say this sounds easier than its going to be.

Update Log - 27/05/2018

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Update Log - 27/05/2018
Today's update is mainly focused on revamping the new phone as well as releasing new server events.

Full changes:
  • New phone model, now based on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, (Thanks @Hendricks for helping with the texture)
  • New phone model: (Thanks @Carrot, @StephenPuffs)
  • New minesweeper app with 4 different difficulty settings (most only available on certain resolutions because screen size limitations)
    • ...

Server Events: 27/05/2018

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Server Events: 27/05/2018 - Sunday 4PM GMT +1

TIME: 4:00PM

EVENT: Parker Raid

Winner(s): TBD

Prize: Winning team survivors receive '$25.000' each

Description: Two teams, one defending and one attacking first team to win two rounds wins

TIME: 5:00PM

EVENT: Mike Myers

Winner(s): TBD

Prize: Last person alive receives '$75.000'

Description: Mike Myers is located in the forest or business. One player will be armed with a knife and will have unlimited stamina. The rest of the players have to run, hide and hope for the best

TIME: 8:00PM


Winner(s): TBD

Prize: TBD

Description: The third event will be chosen by the community, any good suggestions for events will be added to the poll

Kind regards,
The PERPHeads staff team.

Update Log - 21/05/2018

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Update Log - 21/05/2018

Hey guys, today's update is mainly focused on bug fixes and and balance changes. Many issues with the new drug system have been addressed, if you have any more suggestions please post them below.
Gameplay Changes
  • You can no longer purchase the farm due to balancing issues. It will be used in the future to grow different items
  • You can now order from the courier with money you have in your bank
Bug Fixes
  • Dropping items when holding them is now easier
  • Zip ties no longer constantly notify you for no reason
  • You now drop equipped grenades on death
  • Dying with an active grenade in your hand drops an active grenade on the ground
Drug System
  • Increased the distance you can harvest the plants from
  • Decreased cocaine yield
  • Decreased the price of cannabis seeds
  • Added a...

Update Log - 10/05/2018

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Just a quick follow up to the update from yesterday.

  • We updated the TV model to give it a more modern look. (Thanks @Carrot)

  • The volume setting for TVs in the F1 menu now takes effect immediately, even while playing a video
  • The video does not restart anymore after having been fully played

Update Log - 09/05/2018

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UPDATE LOG - 09/05/2018

A medium-sized update with a couple more cool changes.

You'll be happy to hear that the television has received a long-awaited update.

  • Full YouTube URL's are now supported. (we may be adding support for other sources in the future)
  • Previously device-blocked videos are now supported.
  • TV's can now be paused at a specific time rather than fully stopping
  • Buddy's with 'Physgun props' access can now change the video / pause the video.
  • Shooting the TV pauses the video (to deter annoying TV's whilst raiding)
  • Video timestamps are now supported.

House alarms
  • Unowned properties now have house alarms.
  • Crowbars instantly trigger the house alarm.
  • Bobby pins breaking now have a chance of...

Update Log - 08/05/2018

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Just another update that is mainly meant to improve the mechanics and feel of the server.

Melee weapons now use a much better method for detecting whether or not you hit someone. Previously you could only ever hit someone with any melee weapon if you directly looked at them while clicking. Now there's a lot of room for you to hit someone as long as the person you are trying to hit is in the range of the swing of your weapon.

This will also affect fists, as well as their functions such as dragging/pushing, which means it should be much easier pushing someone trying to run away, or dragging someone who is constantly moving.

Since this change will severely improve melee weapons and as a result they might currently be overpowered, so if that is the case we will change the balancing soon.

We also finally added the katana that Xquality made ages ago but never added because we didn't know how to...

Update Log - 02/05/2018

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Just a small update today with a few cool changes

1. Almost completely rewrote the event system

As you can see it is now extremely easy for the senior administration to setup events, and they should be very robust now too. This means we can now have events a lot more often than before.
Furthermore the new system is easy to extend, which means we can add quite a few fun events by writing only a few lines of code. So you'll probably see some new small but cool events soon.

2. The SWAT Van is now destructible
This has been requested for a very long time and finally it has been implemented. While the SWAT van is still significantly stronger than a regular car, it can probably be taken down by an org if they have...

Changes to administration - 29/04/2018

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Hi everyone,​

Today the staff team had a full meeting to discuss matters the community wanted dealing with, aswell as other's we felt had to be changed. Below they'll be listed, we hope you're happy with the changes, of course if you have any concerns or queries let us know, have a good day everyone.

  • Construction booklet has been removed for the time being, it will stay in the F1 menu however user's are free to ignore this entirely.
  • 2.5 has been reworded and slightly changed, take a look.
  • 3.8 has been adjusted.
  • 3.10 has had the booklet reference removed.
  • 4.8 has been edited, take a look.
  • Bans - Any user who has been banned longer than a period of 6 months, who hasn't been toxic, cheated, ddos'd or negatively impacted the server in a large way, has been unbanned. We realised that a lot of staff were simply placing users on a permanent ban for simply jumping off...

Server Events - 28/04/2018

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Server Events: 28/04/2018 - Saturday 4PM GMT +0

: 4:00PM

EVENT: Mike Myers

Winner(s): GGgames

Prize: Last person alive receives '$75.000'

Description: Mike Myers is located in the forest. One player will be armed with a knife and will have unlimited stamina. The rest of the players have to run, hide and hope for the best

TIME: 5:00PM

EVENT: Suburbs Team Deathmatch

Winner(s): TBD

Prize: The surviving participants on the winning team receive '$50,000' each

Description: Suburbs Deathmatch is located at the Suburban District believe it or not, there are 2 teams and everyone is given a Primary and a Secondary weapon, along with some miscellaneous items, like a bandage or two. The two teams are placed on separate sides of the Suburbs and when they are signaled to go, they will begin...​

Update Log - 10/03/2018

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Today's update is a big one and it touches something that hasn't really changed since the very release of Perpheads: Drugs, specifically the planted ones, i.e. Marijuana and Cocaine.

We completely revamped the current system while trying not to overwhelm the community with a very hard to use system.

The changes include:

  • Single pots lose their ability to grow drugs in; they are now merely a container to be used in bigger planter boxes. The model has also been updated to match a real planting pot
  • The big pots have been repurposed into basic planter boxes
    • Basic planters are supposed to give everyone a growing experience that closely resembles the way it was before.
    • Instead of...

Rule Changes - 27/02/2018

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Hi everyone, earlier on today the staff team brought up all their concerns regarding rules and changes have been made. These rules are now added and in full effect so be sure to check them out to gain a full understanding of them. If you have any concerns then contact either me or bolli and we will review them as soon as possible!

  • Rule 3.3 - Realistic actions - Furthermore, players should take great care whilst climbing. Players should not attempt to boost people onto buildings or structures, nor should they climb onto objects which realistically would not hold their weight.<Addition

  • Rule 3.20 - Disconnecting from the server - Players should also wait at least 10 minutes prior to leaving the server after committing a crime; this does not apply if the crime has been resolved (player has been arrested / caught for this crime). <Addition...

XenForo 2

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As everyone should be able to see we upgraded our forum software to XenForo 2 today. XenForo 2 was released more than half a year ago and since now most of our critical addons have been ported over to the new software, we decided to upgrade the forums too.

The forums use the same style as before, but unfortunately there is no dark theme available for it yet, which means anyone who liked those themes has to wait a little longer. However, the blue theme is already available, so feel free to use that one if you so desire.

Unfortunately there has not been any commenting addon, and it does not appear that anyone is working on one at the moment, so waiting any longer before upgrading would not have made any sense. The comments still exist (just not visibly so) and once we find an addon, or write one ourselves (@Samuel, @ayjay ツ ;) ) comments will be gone.

Teamspeak 3 integration is not available for XenForo 2 yet but will be ported over very...

Server Events - 11/02/2018

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Hi everyone! It's been a long time coming but finally the server events are making a return! As normal we will be hosting three events, all of which we hope you will enjoy. The first two have been selected, however we have given you all a choice for the third just go ahead and cast your vote via the poll created (poll will close on the 10th). We hope to see you all there, have a great week!

Katana Battle - Starting at 2PM GMT+0

Cooper Race - Starting at 3PM GMT+0

Yet to be established, time should be around 5-6PM

Katana Battle - Basically like bat battle but with the all new Katana!
Cooper Race - Ever wondered what a mini cooper would be like with the engine of a Bugatti Veyron? Yeah, us to.


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Update log 16/01/2018

Sourcebans is finally gone and it's been replaced with SCAMBans (Super Cool Admin Mod).
Since Sourcebans has stopped updating we decided to make our own so we could add more features in the future such as blacklist, rank editing etc. The layout on mobile is currently a bit buggy and the theme will be updated soon

If you come across any issues or have suggestions please open a bug report or PM me or @Fredy

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