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Rule Changes (11/01/23)

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Hi everyone,

As a result of a discussion held amongst the Administrators yesterday, a few small rule changes will go live today. Functionally, not much has changed, but we hope the additional language should provide more clarity to rule 5.3.

Rule Changes

We have made some additions to the terminology of the rules to help 5.3 be more uniformly enforced and consistently understood.

  • Raid
Trespassing on an occupied property with the intention of stealing from it or the players inside.

  • Occupied Property
Any property which players are presently inside of whilst a raid is in progress.

  • 5.1 Mugging
Players are not allowed to mug more than 3 times in any 60 minute period; nor can they mug the same player twice, within any 60 minute period. Players may only mug other players in a...

Update Log - 11/01/2023

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Today's update is the continuation of an update I worked on months ago, attempting to reduce server lag at high player counts. Back then, we added "packs" of drugs rather than having individual items to reduce server load. Unfortunately, this also caused several issues such as them not displaying nicely in storage, when being confiscated, etc. This update reverses the behaviour of drugs back to how it used to be, while keeping all of the benefits for the server. Additionally, all food items and crafting materials will now also be handled in this new way internally, further reducing server stress.

Additionally, there are also a few more nice things from @Lelios1 and @Jyrgen in this update that you can read in the full update log below:

Update Log:
  • Drugs will now be displayed as individual items again
  • New shrugging animation

Update Log - 08/01/2023

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Today's update includes a few minor changes, but I also want to take the opportunity to welcome 2 new developers into our development team. @Jyrgen, who already made, and will be making textures and models for us, as well as @It's ANGRY MUFFIN time!!! who will do some Lua coding and who is (mostly) responsible for today's update:

Update Log:
  • Guns, magazines, ammo boxes, etc. now display below them the current bullet count. This will hopefully ensure that it is a lot harder for merchants to scam their customers:
  • Candidates running for mayor can now send one free /campaign message per minute rather than having to pay for adverts​
  • Doubled capacity of fire...​

Community Spotlight - December 2022

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Happy New Year

I would like to take this opportunity at the end of the year to wish everybody in the community a happy new year and I hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas however you choose to celebrate it. This year has seen one of the largest increases in players for the community thanks to the work put in by our developers and owners who have introduced changes to the way the server has been advertised and the new player experience including the mission system which has increased new player retention. I would like to extend my thanks to the 57 staff members that have been helping guide new players and deal with administrative tasks such as reports. I would finally like to thank the players that have remained with us throughout all these years, we will hit 10 years of running later this year and some of you including myself have been here for all if not most of...​

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