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18/06/2020 - Community Updates

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18/06/2020 - Community Updates

Good evening everyone,

As you all would have noticed, I have taken on the role of Community Manager. The process behind me getting this role, was a discussion between the Senior Administration team in which they chose a candidate they saw fit to hold this role (as @TinySlayer explained here). I'm extremely honored to take on this role and as someone who is passionate about this community, there are a lot of things that I will be looking into and changing.

Changes to the Community Manager role?

A couple of changes were made when I was given this role, meaning that I can still do administrative work. This being said, in my eyes a Community Manager is someone who represents the community to the staff team, making sure that the community is...

Update Log - 13/06/2020

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Update Log - 13/06/2020

The following changes will go live on the next restart.

  • Refactored parts of the SCAM report system.
    • When creating a report, you now have to select between two types. This will allow helpers, to assist with basic game mode questions.
      • "Report" should be used in the following situations,
        • You need to speak with a staff member regarding possible rule break.
        • You need a staff member to come to you for whatever reason.
      • "Help & Support" should be used in the following situations,
        • You have general questions.
        • You need help starting out on the server, and have game mode related questions.
      • If you accidentally selected the wrong type, a staff member can move it for you.
Update Log - 13/06/2020.

Update Log - 08/06/2020

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Update Log - 08/06/2020

The following changes will go live on the next restart.
This update will require updated content, so you will have to restart your game after the restart to fetch the updated content.

  • Added a new phone game, called "Bird Up" (brought to you by Botli Gaming Company :D).
  • Made it so you can no longer use /help when OOC blacklisted.
  • Added animation when using a stimpack.
  • Added distance checks to all NPCS.
  • Balanced MaxStack settings.
    • You can now stack a larger amount of items in trunks, for example, you can stack 100 pieces of metal in one slot.
  • Edited the passenger seat position for Ford Mustang GT seat.
  • Added workbench...

Community Manager Selection

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Community Manager Selection
As some of you may has seen, @Ayjay has stepped back from his role as Community Manager. We have had a discussion about how best to replace him, and have decided to have a community vote to select a new candidate. The winning candidate will receive the role for 3 months, and then there will be another selection process to decide if they should continue, or if they will be replaced by another member of the community.

The role will be slightly different from when @Ayjay held the role, but will still have the primary role acting as a point of communication between the development team and the community. They will have no administrative permissions (they will receive the equivalent of the Helper permissions).

The new Community Manager will be responsible for...

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