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PERPHeads Secret Santa 2023

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Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is well and ready for the holiday season. This post is to inform you about the annual return of the official Perpheads Secret Santa event! For those of you who don't know, Secret Santa is a secret gifting event where everyone is placed into a pool, and names are drawn to assign to all participants - You give a gift, and get a gift! We are starting even earlier this year in hopes that we will continue to have our number of participants grow exponentially every year. Last year, we had a total of 32 participants for the event. If we can hit 40 participants this year, which I believe is very possible, I will buy someone a gift myself, on top of whatever gift(s) they may already be receiving. This will likely go out to an individual who has proven to be an outstanding individual during the month of December through factors like the player showcase and possibly...

PERPHeads Community Awards 2023 - Vote

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Awards Introduction
A personal introduction to the Community Awards

I am very excited to host another year of the PERPHeads Community Awards. This year is going to be just as big as last with 30 categories that you can vote on. This year will be our tenth annual community awards. We have seen a steady rise in players since the last awards and are regularly hitting maximum player-count. There will be some information below on how to submit your votes, however before that I would like to reflect on the changes made this year. A big thanks to @Megasaw for creating this years awards logo.​

Updates This Year
A list of updates released throughout the year


New Developers!

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Welcome to @GPGP and @Maia to our development team.

I am sure this is a welcome addition throughout the community!

Both Pedro and Maia will be joining us as coders and I am sure we are all looking forward to what they produce.

Rule Changes - 09/11/2023

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Hello everyone,

A few rule changes will be going live soon. Read about them here.

  • 1.7 Out-of-Character Names
While connected to the server, players are prohibited from using inflammatory, discriminative, inappropriate, or offensive usernames, or anything that would otherwise violate basic conduct rules.

  • 2.5 Excessive Negativity
Players may not excessively impact the experience of others in a negative manner, unless the actions are a proportionate escalation of negative actions that have been performed against the original player.

Additionally, players have a 2 hour window to seek revenge on another player, provided they are unaware that the target has died and started a new life.

When participating in raids, players carrying visible weaponry whilst entering, exiting or inside of the property...

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