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Community Spotlight - July 2022

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It is certainly in early stages but the rogue magazine and fashion week is looking promising with two released already this is a very unique take on roleplay and I highly suggest taking a look at his thread by clicking here. BigRossKane has been awarded the Roleplay Acknowledgement trophy.​
Ophelia ran a JDM Car Meet on the 24th July which attracted a large number of visitors, Ophelia also thanked Rogue and Bojing for their assistance in this event. You can view the thread about this by...​

Community Consultation on PD Chief.

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We have asked community opinion in the past on the balance of “power” within the community. Previously there were concerns of individuals holding too much power by being high ranks in the PD and staff team simultaneously. With a new recruitment cycle opening up for CoD we wanted to consult again what the prevailing community consensus was.

Please vote here to have your opinion heard and comment below any opinions or other options you want considered.

Thank you,

Community Management.

Update Log 15/07/2022

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Update Log 15/07/2022

A small update will go live later today which will make all of the custom animations (gestures, healing, lockpicking, drawing weapons etc.) have a smooth transition to the player's stance at the start and end of the animation. I had been trying to figure out a way to do this for quite a while and to my surprise, it was actually very simple.

Here are some examples of the change:

Old vs New
Old vs New

The surrender animation was also slightly changed, here is the comparison:


Traditional Events - 18/07/2022

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Sorry about events taking place during the week but currently with our population on weekends it would make the server too laggy. They will be taking place on 18/07/2022 (Next Monday) and will take place at 16:00 GMT+1!


Farm Survival

Players are spawned in the centre of the farm.

They are surrounded by a circle of boxes containing melee weapons with a circle of primary weapons circling the outside.

Last alive wins.

Winner: Sidd

Prize: Forum Trophy and $25,000


Beach Derby

Ram each other off a platform in mini coopers. Every so often a platform drops.

Winner: Mac O'Brian

Prize: Forum Trophy and $25,000


Raid event.

Successfully raid and defend a property over multiple rounds. Winner is the best of how many rounds there are...​

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