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Update Log - 01/02/2020

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Update Log - 01/02/2021

An update will go live tomorrow morning at the restart. The primary aim is to get some urgent bug fixes live, but there are also some features that are in the update as well.

The changes:
  • Combat
    • Swapped the Remington 870 for the Mossberg 590A1 for light TFU (@Shiwo)
    • Reduced the amount of plastic required to craft zip ties
    • Reduced the amount of damage taken from explosions when inside vehicles
    • Grenade explosions now damage unoccupied vehicles
    • Remote explosives can't be placed without a phone
  • AFK Timer
    • Increased the premium 1 hour AFK timer to be active below 95% server capacity
    • Removed anti-AFK from staff members when the server is full
    • Fixed the AFK timer from activating on dispatchers using CCTV (Thanks @jacf104)
  • Misc
    • Added Balkan Radio...

PERPHeads Official PLPD Trailer 2021

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After much success with the last trailer, we have released a trailer for the Police Department! Here it is:

Massive thank you to @Tyla Jai for the recording and editing. Couldn't have done it without him.

Also thank you to:

@Bolli - For server
@Double J
@DJ Conyo

PERPHeads Community Survey

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We have never had a community survey and I thought it was time to fix that. Within the survey, there will be two compulsory sections and four optional sections.

The compulsory sections will consist of questions designed to put data into categories so we can see what groups have what opinions. The survey will also be followed by a short questionnaire regarding the survey itself.

The optional parts will include questions from the following groups:

  1. Community Management​
  2. Senior Administration and Administration​
  3. Development​
  4. Police Chiefs​

If you want to have your voice heard within the community, please take the time to fill this out. It would be greatly appreciated if you didn't submit silly responses. I really hope this can help give us some insight into what the community wants.

You can fill out the form...

Update Log (11/01/2021)

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Hey there guys! Another update has gone live today which has been in the works over the past week, although seemingly small changes, having the mouths move with the newer models was no easy feat and proved to be pretty complicated behind the scenes, but we got there in the end. We've also added long-awaited facial variations back to the game, along with the ability to change your eye color at Jennifers.

  • Mouths now move when talking along with blinking​
    • RqAmfm2Mlr6cHjSD.gif
    • A few models will still be missing the mouth animation but they will be added very soon#​
  • Player face models now have variations
    • w0GpgN6CrbBsg84n.gif
    • Some variations will be mismatched...

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