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Welcome to April's Community Spotlight! We hope you all had a nice Easter and introduction to Spring!

showcase.png Showcase
Here we recap on how Players, Staff and Developers made our Community great during the past month.
Created by @Eistee von Aldi

Another quality store from the ALDI king himself!
Graffiti_Billboards.pngKevko's Vandalism

Created by @Kevko

Excellent use of the vacant billboards. Looks good!
wAcZOdN.jpgpeeps' Rug Introduction

Created by @peeps

This was missed from February's...

Rule Changes and poll - 24/04/2024

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Hello everyone,

Following the most recent admin meeting, the topic of scamming was discussed at length, revealing several different opinions on the matter.

After some deliberation, we have decided to collect your thoughts on the issue and would appreciate your input on the matter. For this reason, I have included a poll at the start of this thread for you to vote on which approach to scamming you find most appropriate. I will expand on the options we have shortlisted below:

Continue to allow scamming up to a certain amount
For this option, players would continue to be able to scam other players for anything other than rare items, premium or using mystery boxes, but would be limited to a certain monetary threshold (to be decided if implemented). This would include drug sales, gambling and so on.

Disallow scamming for any non-criminal transactions
This option would disallow scamming during gambling and other legal...

Rule Changes - 16/04/2024

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Hello everyone,

A few rule changes have gone live since the beginning of this month that had not been announced yet. Read about them below.

General Rules

  • Raid
Trespassing on an occupied property with the intention of stealing from it or its occupants or killing the players inside.

  • 1.3 Slander
Slander will not be tolerated within this community; the only time where accusations can be made against other members of the community are within the Action Requests forum, and when speaking to an appropriate member of staff - when making an accusation against a member of staff, a higher ranking staff member should be spoken to. the in-game report menu, the Action Requests and Staff Complaints forums on the website or when speaking to...

Staff Changes 12/04/2024

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We are writing to inform you of recent changes made within our Administration and Community teams that have taken place within the last few moments. After some consideration, @Fredy, myself and the rest of the Senior Management Team have observed areas within the staff team we were dissatisfied with and discussed them in a recent meeting.

As a result, it has been decided that adjustments are necessary to ensure a more efficient environment within the staff team. Regrettably, three members of our Administration team have resigned from the staff team following the most recent admin meeting.

Concurrently, we would like to announce the following changes:

  • @Oddy has been appointed as an Administrator.
  • @Efan has joined us as a Senior Administrator.
  • @A1L has joined us as a Senior Administrator.
  • @rogue has been promoted to the position of Community Manager, replacing...

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