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Well today is going to be an interesting one, but I believe should be good.

Quick note, tomorrow I probably will do nothing but tamper with the mixture times, so all of you waiting for that change rejoice. However some others may be increased as they don't contain many parts; I may also nerf how much it resets your progress so you don't lose as much time by closing the menu.

Additionally, be sure to vote on the poll of what you would like done next. They are in no particular order of my own preference, but keep an open mind when voting and don't necessarily pick what you think is the most advantageous to yourself. They all are ideas that I do wish to do at some point, I am just looking to see where the community thinks the focus should be done next. As for today however...

  • The biggest change for today is that the city, in certain circumstances, may raise/lower the taxes without a mayor. This should help prevent times in which government can not be paid and there is no mayor at the time. I will not be revealing the specifics of how it determines whether it should raise or lower. It will lower no more than what the default has been. This change may not happen very often, but it is a possibility now.
  • Fuel tax can now be adjusted by the mayor and will have an effect at the pump; government fuel is still free though. (Default is 15%)
  • Mayor can now set sergeant's pay, but can not set the number of sergeants to employ. (Fixed at 2)
  • Book of the Law now shows payment information for sergeant and the overall city budget (20% error margin, so you can not tell precisely what it is, if you need the exact amount arrange a meeting with the mayor)
  • Vehicles must be turned off before refilling. (Thanks to @Krzeszny for partially proposing this [])
  • Storage inventory should now...
I guess because I have no way of really doing the change log in the F1 menu I should just do these mini update log things each time I make some changes to the live server, so consider this to be the starting one.

  • Police lieutenant is now able to revoke a vehicle from emergency services. (Emergency services are defined as: police lieutenant, police sergeant, S.W.A.T. team member, speed enforcement officer, police officer, medic, and firefighter)
    • This should be done if the mayor requests that the budget be more managed, so the lieutenant should carefully consider how/where to make those cuts. Asking people to partner up either by assigning pairs him/herself or getting a sergeant to do so.
    • This can also be done if there are obviously an excess of police vehicles in use and some seem to have no active owner.
    • At any rate the reason that the lieutenant fills out as the reason must be valid and legitimate.
    • Do not use this as a means to remove vehicles parked on the road, those still should be dealt with an RP way to remove them from the scene.
  • Meth should no longer blow up when being picked up after cooking.
Server Events: 18/01/15 - Sunday 4:00PM GMT+0

Bat Battle

1st: '$100,000' - @Venomine
2nd: '$75,000' - @ThomasGeorge
3rd: '$50,000' - @Loejseren

Description: An area for the event is chosen by the staff team before the event then some construction will take place to make it look like more of a war zone. Everybody who would like to participate in the event will be taken to the location and put into a queue where they will receive their bat, they will also be screened for any bandages/stim packs, they're not allowed in the event and they will be taken from you. Once everybody is given a bat, you will be instructed to start then the last three standing will be the winners.

TIME: 5:00PM

EVENT: Beach Derby


Prize: Last car standing '$75,000'

Description: People that would like to participate in the event will be instructed to take their cars to the beach. A platform is built which is erected above the sea, same place as the 6x6 event. One by one, people will start having their cars brought up to the platform by a staff member and everyone will be placed next to each other and the same on the other sides of the platform. When the go ahead is given, everybody then just unleashes into each other until there is only one car left on the platform.


EVENT: Glass Co & Parker Raid

Winner(s): @Gabriel Ross, Mikey, @Janssoni and @xxSiMcHyxx

Prize: The surviving participants on the winning team receive '$75,000' each

Description: People are split into two teams, both teams are given...​
Whitelisted Police


Good evening gentlemen and gentlewomen, after having quite a debate with @StephenPuffs, we managed to gather a few ideas for the Police. Many of you may remember when former staff members @Nate Sparks and @Sgt.James had the idea of making a Police Acadamy which would make the entire Police whitelisted, obviously it was contraversial at the time, we thought we'd revive the idea and possibly come up with a way to make it work, so hear me out.

Stephen and I both agreed that making the whole Police Dept. whitelisted would be a mistake at the moment, it wouldn't be something good to suddenly spring on the players. Here's the idea we came up with. A new job would be added, Police Sergeant and there would be about 2 slots for the job, however to get the job you must be whitelisted. The way you would go about getting whitelisted would be by filling out an application on the forum where you would be considered. Once you are whitelisted, you would then have access to become a Sergeant and the Police Lieutenant.

Our main aim for this is to see if this type of system would actually work, we're expecting police roleplay to improve significantly since the LT no longer has to juggle multiple roles which can be extremely annoying when you're the LT. The Sergeants will be able to free-up the LTs time by being an extra pair of eyes for him. We're expecting the people to apply to have extensive rule and law knowledge, so they would be excellent tutors to new police officers and hopefully that will influence new players. Plus, as the people in the senior roles have applied to become this, the administration team are going to trust them a lot more, so we could possibly extend the time that someone is blacklisted for when fired from the Police.

If this idea is put forward and...

Good evening everyone! Today the Senior Administration team (Swiper and I...) came to an agreement to promote another staff member to Senior Administrator, we came to this decision after debating if it'll help processing and hopefully increase organisation of the staff team overall since there is only 2 of us dealing with staff complaints, refund requests, staff members, applications and other work that is mandatory to be completed as soon as possible.​

Now, with the extra Senior Administrator we'll be able to see things being cleared up a lot quicker and possibly more events on the server will be able to be hosted!​