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Hello there guys, it's been a while since we've done events so as its nearing the end of the summer holidays for lots of you we thought we'd have them next Saturday. Information below:


4:00 PM

Team Bat Battle

WINNER ROUND ONE: @*NetherStalkers*

An area for the event is chosen by the staff team before the event then some construction will take place to make it look like more of a war zone. Everybody who would like to participate in the event will be taken to the location and put into a queue where they will receive their bat, they will also be screened for any bandages/stim packs, they're not allowed in the event and they will be taken from you. Once everybody is given a bat, you will be instructed to start then the last three standing will be the winners.

6:00 PM

EVENT: Glass Co & Parker Raid


People are split into two teams, both teams are given an arsenal of weapons. The defending team will be given a dump of props and all the Premium members of the team will be able to build the defenses. They will be given around 5-10 minutes to build and Staff Members will constantly be checking to make sure its all placed within the rules. When the defending team have finished building and are in position, the attacking team will be let go. People on the attacking team will get a few flashbangs and some crowbars/bobby pins. The final team standing wins.


7:00 PM

Hunger Games


: @[KDG]Dom_
2nd: @CodezBlack
3rd: @MachineGunO

Description: Just like the movie, people are placed into...​
Today's update mainly focuses on the ATM and some other suggestions you guys made. This update contains a content update, so make sure you have downloads enabled to experience the new ATM fully.





Thanks @AyJay for the ATM background.
Today's update mainly fixes many bugs that were reported by you on the github issue tracker, such as
  • Fixed fall damage
  • Fixed undraggable ragdolls
  • Fixed windows being unbreakable after being shot out once
  • Ragdolls disappearing after respawning
  • and many more
Check out for some of the fixed bugs.

The update also includes a few new/changed features:

The map app is now actually usable.


If you experience your values changing, then it's probably because you entered a color that is out of the allowed range (so that we don't get super bright pink cars blinding us).

There will be many more updates over the next few days/weeks, so stay tuned.
Hey everyone!

Recently senior administration witnessed a post created by @Slayerduck, the post essentially detailed that the community were incredibly confused on NLR and disconnecting. Because of this I decided to attempt to organize a small gathering with as many staff members as possible in order to attempt to create an addition that would solve this problem that we all had. During this meeting we all discussed the rule, how some of us enforced it, and then voted toward a new addition (the new implementation being the most voted).

However after the change was added and implemented we still seen discouragement by not only users, but staff as well. It is because of this, that senior administration has decided to open a google form that everyone can respond to, here you will voice your opinion regarding the rule and then from that we will implement a new re-written or edited rule.

Please remember to try and be as constructive and as detailed as possible when filling out this form, as wasted and unhelpful responses don't solve anything. Again I want to formally apologize for the issues that everyone has faced, and I hope within the next few days we have a rule that the community can be satisfied with.

Best regards,

Senior administration.

After a few months of planning, designing and developing. Paralake News is now here! We're really excited to announce that the first edition of the newspaper is now out and can be purchased in-game at any Gas Station. The concept for Paralake News was made a while back, we wanted to give you guys the ability to view player-made news, covering a bunch of different topics from in and out of the game.

The Hub
The initial idea was to have just a Newspaper, however after realising that not all stories would make it in the weekly newspaper, we decided that we'd create 'the hub' in order to create an online utility to view all news created by our Journalists. You can also view OOC news here, such as update posts and talks with the staff team, where as the in-game newspaper includes only IC news.

Weekly Newspaper

Each Sunday, a Newspaper will be released into the public domain which will include the best and most eye-catching stories of the week. We also understand that a week is sometimes a while to wait, and we didn't want to make the Newspaper useless after reading all the articles so we added the ability to view taxes, city funds and the current mayor of the city. Keep your newspaper handy to have instant access to these stats!
Get involved
We're always looking for fresh faces to write new articles, so if you think you have what it takes to join the team then go here and write up an application to become a Journalist!...
After an even longer wait, we've released the new cars that were teased in the v4 update post.
Most of the new cars use a newer configuring system and the old ones will be converted slowly, some already have. Please let us know if you find any issues

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Aston Martin DB5
Aston Martin Rapide
Audi R8 Spyder
Audi R8 Plus
BMW M6 2013
Chevy Corvette GSC
Chevy Corvette Stingray
Dodge Challenger 2015
Ferrari 250 GTO
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
Ferrari F430
Ferrari La Ferrari
Honda CR-X SiR
Jaguar E-Type
Jaguar F-Type
Lexus IS 300
Lexus IS F
Maserati Ghibli
Maserati Quattroporte
Mercedes McLaren SLR
Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Pontiac Fiero GT
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
Shelby 1000
Subaru Legacy GT 2010
Subaru Legacy RS 1990
Toyota FJ Cruiser
Toyota MR2 GT
Volkswagen Camper 1965
Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible
After a long while of waiting, along with teasers in the shoutbox, Paralake V4 is finally here. This update includes a number of map changes, along with new clothing, models and police updates!

Map Changes:

  • One of the bigger map changes which was highly requested is the addition of the old V1 Office building, with a few changes such as a fire escape and a new exterior.

  • The Regals Apartment has a newly added fire escape, adding one more entrance/exit to the apartment complex.

  • Road textures have been updated to a fresh, clean and smooth look.

  • Slums apartments has recieved an extended car park, adding more spaces.

  • A creepy alleyway has been added behind the slums apartment, and also behind the
    fire department to add another exit to it.

  • The puffer mart now has a back door, adding one more door to the building.

  • The business shops now has a parking area to the left side of it, so you don't have
    to take the journey over the road to the bazaar parking.

  • The suburbs fences has recieved a new fence texture.

  • The farm hut, and a hick town trailer have been removed.
Character updates

  • New player models join the old ones, to allow you to customize your look even more.

  • New clothing such as sweaters, latex gloves, berets, beanies, etc.

  • New models such as watches, glasses, beanies, etc.

  • A new interactive way to customize your players clothing.
Other Updates
  • TFU skinned Land Rover added and now spawnable by TFU.

  • New...
Defences and Constructions Handbook
Suggestions & Discussions

With the recent implementation of the Defences and Constructions Booklet, we try to keep it updated at all times. However, before we decided to push out the Booklet, we asked for your feedback on what we could improve on the booklet itself. We received a lot of feedback, but also a lot of requests to have certain defences added, changed or even removed. We used that to improve the handbook the way it is right now.

We are not planning on stopping it there. We still rely on the Community to come forward with suggestions, and for you to discuss these suggestions with the Staff Team.

Before we get to the fun stuff, please read the following part carefully. I'd like this thread to be as tidy as possible, thus being said the Forum Rules are to be followed at all times (like you supposed to anyways) with zero tolerance for any violations. Users are to be constructive with their comments/replies, and any type toxic behavior will be punished accordingly. Suggestions for the entire handbook to be removed will be ignored.
What are you proposing to add, edit or remove a current defence ?:

What Section would it fall under (see handbook) ?

What are you suggesting:

Why should it be considered:

Pictures (if applicable):

Additional Comments:

We are open to suggestions, and are looking forward to your replies....
Hey everyone!​
So as previously announced me and @Bolli decided to post a poll asking the community if they'd favour a guide as to whats allowed and what isn't allowed in terms of defences within the gamemode. After leaving it for 24 hours the community voted for the booklet. As such me and @Sgt.James cleaned it up, and now it's finally ready for release. Couple of pointers below for those who want a little more information:
  • To access the booklet, simply hover over the "Rules" hot bar and it will appear, simply click on it and there it all is.
  • There may be a few loopholes here and there, if that's the case simply contact me or @Sgt.James and we will go ahead and remove or add content dependant on what we need to change.
  • Information within the booklet covers and explains the following: All bases and possible amount of barricades allowed in each one, Player movement and overall realistic prop placement.

We hope you all enjoy this change, remember this is for you all, therefore if there's any issues in the slightest please do let us know. Anyways we hope you all enjoy this and use it to it's full potential, bare in mind an official rule will be put in place to make sure everyone is following this booklet.

Thanks guys!

Yesterday @MrLewis somehow managed to delete the whole News and Announcements section and all of the posts inside. The forums were rolled back to Thursday 9:00PM, all of the posts made after that are sadly gone and need to be remade. Sorry for the inconvenience, blame @MrLewis and he is very sorry.