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Hi guys, fairly recently Fredy has purchased a new Forum plugin. This allows users to link their TS3 unique ID with the forums, which means any ranks you gain on the forums, will automatically be added to your teamspeak account! This will be extremley helpful and was a great investment, so be sure to thank @Fredy!

Here's how to get it setup:

  • [​IMG] Firstly, hover over your profile in the top right, and go down to teamspeak
  • [​IMG] Once clicked you want to go onto "Sync Account"
  • [​IMG] Once you click on "Sync Account" go over to teamspeak, click "Ctrl+I (or go to settings, identities), once done copy and paste the unique ID found here, [​IMG]
  • [​IMG] Once you've got your Unique ID, copy and paste it into the "Sync Account" box, reconnect on teamspeak and all of the permissions you should have will be given to you!
If anyone experiences any issues with this, please send me a forum PM so I can try to resolve the issue for you.

We're approaching the end of the year and to celebrate the new year we will be hosting our yearly PerpHeads Fireworks show again.

The times for the showings are listed below



All times are listed in GMT

Make sure to join the server well before your desired time to ensure you get a place also pay attention to the chat to join the event. If you can't attend the show there will also be a video uploaded to Youtube shortly after the event takes place.

This year's show is much larger than previous years and features 2945 fireworks, hope to see you in game and have a Happy New Year!​

Thanks to @Alex_:D for creating the show.
PERPHeads Community Survey & Open Discussion

Hi guys, hope everyone's well. Before we get into some serious boring stuff, I'd like to thank everyone again for participating in the community awards, it was a great outcome and it was amazing to get everyone involved!

So, I resigned from Senior Administrator on the 4th of September 2015 which is crazy as I've never ever played on a Garry's Mod community as a regular user, everywhere I've joined I've pursued to get staff, so playing a whole year as a user has been a different experience for me. Although I've left the staff team, I'm still incredibly interested in affairs within the community. I think I can speak for most people in the community, I've met a lot of great people in this community which I wouldn't have met if PERPHeads wasn't here, I can even go to the lengths of saying I've now made one of my best friends from PERPHeads (shoutout to my outlaw @chrissy, thoughts are with you fam)

Besides, that's enough about me as that's not why we're here... Essentially, I'd like to hear the community's thoughts, comments, concerns and views about the PERPHeads community; staff team, server, forums, etc, we're coming up to 2017 and it'd be nice to iron out any problems and even have some things changed. Now, please don't think this thread is because of all this "AR Drama" that's going on, this is genuinely something I've been planning for a while to do before 2017.

To add, I don't want people thinking this is some sort of drama or beef epidemic, it's the complete opposite, I can...


Before we begin, make sure you've seen the Community Awards 2016 announcement which had a lot of information about the community through the year! Thread can be found here:

It's the moment you have all been waiting for, the results of the PerpHeads Community Awards 2016, it's crazy that we had 174 responses to the form, it's great so many of you took part. Congratulations all who have received an award, and for those that haven't got one, you've got plenty of time to prepare for next year's awards!

Thanks to @AyJay for providing the 2016 template
and thanks to @Walker for changing all the templates and sending the images to me!

Now, without further ado; here are the results for the PerpHeads Community Awards 2016.



@Rogue Car Tyres









Hi guys, I'm very pleased to announce this, after the idea was originally drafted in July 2016, we've had an amazing team of people work on this who have been credited on the handbook, the Department's Policing and Policy team have done a fantastic job.

- Anonymous, Quote from Employee Satisfaction Survey 2016 Q4.

So, right now the Handbook is on it's first version, this is something we'd love to keep updated and it's everyone's job to make sure we can keep it updated with all information needed so Officer's can be confident in their decisions and how they should act, so if you have any suggestions whatsoever, please make sure they're raised to the commanding officer of the Policing and Policy division @Garret_Pp

We're hoping the handbook is fairly 'basic' and understandable to all officers, we will be expanding on things and going into more depth in the guides ( section of the PD Forums so people can enhance their knowledge.

Hello everyone,

Due to recent events these rules will now be placed in full effect via the queue server:​
  • 1.0 Basic Conduct rules apply.
  • Rule 2.2, 2.3 and 2.9 applies.
  • No usage of the tool gun in any malicious way.
  • No spamming of props via the tool gun.
Hey everyone! Today is the day that I announce a new senior admin. It’s been awhile since we had one, yet I feel like another senior administrator is needed to help run the staff team. So I hope you can all congratulate @MrLewis on his new promotion. Lewis has been a dedicated staff member for over 2 years and has had a great impact on the staff team and will be a great addition to the senior administration team. I hope you can all give him a warm welcome!
Image credit @LordTyla




- Stat from this quarters employee satisfaction survey
Good morning folks! It seems it's the most wonderful time of the year. It is absolutely crazy to see how far we have come within the Police Department, what we've created and what we have achieved as an organisation. Can you believe that the modern Paralake Police Department has been running for almost 2 years now? That's a pretty long time in my books. On the 15/01/2015 the Police Supervisor System was added, which whitelisted the jobs Sergeant & Lieutenant, then to now where the ranked section of the Police Department is whitelist.

Taking a step back and looking at the Police Department, significant progress has been made and we're heading in a very nice direction. As many employees may be aware, we ran a Employee Satisfaction Survey last month where this was mentioned in one of the responses:

Credit to @LordTyla for banner =]
PERPHeads Christmas CS:GO Tournament
19th-20th December
Registration now open!

Provisional Dates
Monday and Tuesday 19th-20th December.

Provisional and subject to change. (but probably not going to!)

Changes in response to Feedback!
(you'll like this bit...)

In response to feedback, some things will be done differently. Although the full rule document hasn't been created yet, these changes involve some important rule amendments:

Casters will be screened prior to selection.

If a team cannot play 5 listed players/reserves despite everything practicable having been done in attempt to correct the issue, they will automatically forfeit that match.

The rules requiring each team's members to be within a certain rank range have been removed, but it is still in the best interest of any team to try and be as balanced as possible due to undisclosed changes in matchmaking. Rules for team members needing to be/have been active members of the community remain in place.

For any player to be eligible for a prize at the end of the tournament, they must have played at least one match. This means that reserves are also eligible for prizes, and people should have no motivation to 'leech'!

Only listed players are eligible to play in matches.
Today we released an update that most of you probably haven't even noticed yet. We have fixed one of the main issues of our gamemode which caused many ARs and reports and often overwhelmed the staff team. I am of course talking about items disappearing after you leave the server.
As of today any dropped items and planted drugs will stay around for up to 5 minutes after a user disconnects. If you reconnect during that period those items will stay around and they will still be "yours".