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First thing to note, Halloween will only remain for one more day.

As many of you are aware, joining the server when it is peak time it can be very difficult, if not impossible for hours. So we have made a way to join to the server in a proper order so you will actually have a chance to do so. This means when we enable it, there will be a queue server in which you will first need to connect to, in which it will automatically put you into a queue to join the main server. In the top right it will display your current position in the queue and how many others are waiting. You will be unable to join directly to the main server while this is in effect. Upon someone leaving on the main server it will prompt the first player in the queue if they wish to join, this option is only valid for 2 minutes. If you choose to not take the slot or miss your chance it will not currently put you into the end of the queue, so if you wish to requeue you will have to reconnect to the server.

Hopefully this will make your chances of getting the slot much higher and you don't have to wait forever on the GMod title page doing nothing. Instead the queue server will presently be running the Cinema gamemode, so you and others can sit back and watch some videos together while you wait. Of course the same server rules apply here, so only appropriate videos allowed and be respectful to one another. Anyways we hope you enjoy this change and will easily connect in a timely fashion.


To connect to the queue server open your GMod console and type:
Halloween Update: 30/10/2016
Halloween stuff
  • Candy bars
  • Sick witch hat (Your personal hat will be back after Halloween)
  • Ability to grow pumpkins (seeds are bought at the bar)

New animations and models
  • Food and drinks are now displayed in your hand when you consume it
  • New soda model
  • Added handcuffs to the player while cuffed
  • Added glowsights to most weapons
  • Fixed glowy SWAT officers

Cell Phone
  • The open application is now visible on the world model of the player’s phone
  • You now hold the phone next to your ear while you're in a call
  • New ringtones
    • Alert
    • Bill Jazz
    • Cowboy
    • Deja Vu
    • Night Call
    • Real Human Being
    • Running in the 90s
Available currently for Halloween are pumpkin seeds found in the harbor bar in the city. Keep in mind these seeds will expire so use them quick. Plant them in some dirt or other suitable ground to grow yourself a pumpkin! Pumpkins can be refined into some pumpkin spice for a nice addition to your coffee for an added boost of energy in the Cooking section of your mixtures menu or just use your pumpkin as decoration at your property. The choice is yours, but seeds won't last forever. (They will make it back in...
Updated 27/9

As many of you already know, several accounts were taken over and used maliciously on the 24th of September. We have a very clear idea as to who is responsible for this attack. I will not be giving out any names however.

One main thing to note is that our database was in no way compromised so all information you have both in game and here on the forums is completely safe. This attack was simply gaining access to a staff members account and then using it to edit others in order to gain control, modify information, or delete theirs or others accounts.

Here is the most complete overview that I can put together.

Starting around 9:10AM CEST the individual first gained access to a former Administrator who will remain nameless. However all permissions from this account had already been revoked so nothing of value was gained.

From there the individual gained access to @Xquality's account and added an offensive rating, renamed some users, banned certain IPs, gave administrative permission to 4 users, deleted accounts (including myself), etc.

To note: @Jordan was a former senior admin for those of you unfamiliar with him or his previous role so we decided upon his resignation that he will maintain all his abilities but hold no formal title. Which fortunately allowed him to help hinder some of the individual's "attack" despite their best efforts. So I would ask that everyone thank @Jordan for his efforts to help us during this, I officially thank him as well on behalf of us here at PH.

One individual that was granted administrative permissions was actively seen looking through sensitive areas of the forums, including but not limited to: Staff Complaints, Admin/Mod discussions, and PLPD related matters. Because of this, that member has received a community wide ban.

One other individual looked through some other typically...
As many of you are aware, for the past 2 years, a community outlaw that goes by the name AyJay hosted the PERPheads Community Awards where members of the community could vote for individuals for awards. I believe this is a great thing to do and gives us a chance to recognize people for their great work. I talked with AyJay and asked him if I could carry it on and he said it's fine.

Example from the 2014 awards
Past Community Awards

2014 -
2015 -

Category Poll

You may be thinking this may be a little early for opening the polls, however this is just asking the community for what categories they would like to see in this years awards. Below will be a Google Forms sheet where you can suggest awards such as "Best Shooter" "Most missed outlaw" "Friendliest User".

This poll will close on the 01/10/2016 and we're hoping to open the votes for the entire awards later on in October.

Category Suggestions:


Paralake Police Department's mission is to protect and serve the community of Paralake. The Department has their set of code of ethics; Professionalism, we represent ourselves in a way which shows PLPD in a professional light. Accountability, we each are answerable for our decisions, actions and omissions. Respect, we treat everyone with respect. Leadership, we lead by good example. We investigate, reduce and prevent crime throughout the city and make an effort to understand what the community want. Further information on how the Police department operates can be found here:






Requirements are in place so the Department know they're enlisting able, honest and experienced members of the community.​

  • You must have access to and utilize a microphone which is of good sound quality.
  • You must have a thorough knowledge of the server rules and laws.
  • Have a relatively clean player history, regarding bans/warnings/blacklists. Warnings/bans/blacklists should ideally not be recent.*
  • You must be...
Here's one of the updates you've all been looking for! FPS boost!

Overall your FPS should about double* it seems in most cases. You can access this by pressing F1 -> Options -> [​IMG]
*Depends on your own personal hardware and what else you may have running

Granted you could use this command before, but to anyone who used it already they quickly realized it had drawbacks. Originally it made clothing flicker like mad, but the GMod devs changed it some awhile back but it still turned everyone's clothing to pure white. This was still less than ideal for trying to track down someone specific. After much thought of how to do this properly, @Fredy and I have created a way which should allow all colors to remain. You will not lose any clothing or metals for your vehicle and can still customize to your heart's desire. We may even be able to add some more things that previously we were limited to doing, and no change in content needed more than likely.

There were some odd results at times while we tested this out to get it all functioning, but all of them seem to have been resolved so we are pushing this update out. Occasionally cars may appear incorrectly, same with players or NPCs. It is yet to be seen how often this might happen with a full server, hopefully all you notice is an increased number of FPS.

I hope you all enjoy this and I will be working on a few other ways which should hopefully boost FPS in their own way, but will be more noticeable in the way they change things.

Known issue: In demos you will likely find NPCs as pure white with no clothing texture at all.


Your Voice Counts enables you to tell us your thoughts, comments and experiences with the Paralake Police Department, or have a say in how Paralake is policed. by sharing your views, you can help make sure that we stay connected with the people and communities we serve and that we understand their priorities.

It's up to you! You can write about anything you think we should know about, particularly anything that you think would help us improve our service. This could be a recent good or bad experience, any dealings with staff, any questions you may have or a story you have recently heard involving the Paralake Police Department.

Please note: If you wish to open a formal complaint against one of our employees conduct, please see here:


You are able to submit your feedback in the hyperlink provided below, the link will take you to a Google Forms sheet. Your feedback will be sent to our Public Relations team. None of the fields on the form are mandatory so you may remain anonymous, however this means the Public Relations team will have no way to contact you.

Some of you may be aware that since release we have been using the Evolve Admin Mod since our initial release. While it has sufficed, it was less than ideal in a number of ways it operated both front end and back end. So we have created a whole new admin system which should hopefully allow our staff team to help effectively serve you if you have a valid report. We have titled this Super Cool Admin Mod, or SCAM for short, for the lulz.

What does this mean for you as a regular user? Other than using /report not a great deal; you may notice a few changes here and there otherwise but nothing game changing.

So here's the new stuff with /report...

In your F1 Key Bindings you have a new option to bind (default is F6) to open up the reports window which will show your past reports from your current session.

You can either create a report here by pressing the create button or typing in chat like normal with "/report [reason]" the reason being optional and will automatically fill in the report window box.

If you have already submitted a report, do not create another report if it has to do with the same incident. This has always been true and why sometimes you will see a report of yours get closed without any staff member talking to you. However now, you can fill in more details of your report as needed so staff have a better idea of what your story is before by opening your report. Keep in mind that this is not a substitute for all situations where an admin will need to speak to you directly via voice or otherwise in game. Only give as much information as you can and be as truthful as possible.

You are also able to close your own report if you find it was invalid, a duplicate, or do not wish to continue with the...


Fancy watching it with mates and :hype:?
There will be a 'fan park' at the Suburbs Park

to watch matches ingame, but of course
anyone can play the stream on a TV ingame.

IMPORTANT: To watch ingame, follow this guide
to fix TV livestreams.

Casting Team
@Torben Torben
@Lucia Younty
@John Daymon
@Rogue Car Tyres


View tournament brackets

All times are British time (GMT+1).


B1 | VEGANS vs SCOTLAND | 4-16
A1 | HARAMBE vs AZERTY | 11-16
A2 | BRAVO vs DNT | 16-12
B2 | FISSE vs KOMMANDO 9 | 16-9

B4 | SCOTLAND vs FISSE | 16-12...
Hopefully this update addresses some crashing people had while loading car dealer or any other car related window. This also eliminates the annoying audio while it loads all the car models.

  • Overall better looking GUI skin which makes EVERYTHING better (more colors potentially on the way) (can change in F1 menu)
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
  • Car Related windows (you can click and drag side to side to rotate the car around)
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
  • Night times hopefully not nearly as dark or faded
  • Some new / changed administrative features / info
  • Car customizing limits colors in a more straightforward way which hopefully will reduce glow in the dark cars.
  • Car dealer now stocks cars in the displays with all but the basic paint to show off the variety better
  • Car sales tax is now 10% of what the actual rate is. So if sales tax is 25% for buying a car it is 2.5% which should hopefully should make their prices not go completely out of sight with any amount of sales tax.
  • Other stuff

Some more information may be added into car dealer or slight window tweaks in the future. If you happen to come across any issues with colors on the new skin please make a bug report. There are also a variety of bug fixes, some critical, some basic so hopefully this fixes a few things for people. Anyways enjoy!