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Your Voice Counts enables you to tell us your thoughts, comments and experiences with the Paralake Police Department, or have a say in how Paralake is policed. by sharing your views, you can help make sure that we stay connected with the people and communities we serve and that we understand their priorities.

It's up to you! You can write about anything you think we should know about, particularly anything that you think would help us improve our service. This could be a recent good or bad experience, any dealings with staff, any questions you may have or a story you have recently heard involving the Paralake Police Department.

Please note: If you wish to open a formal complaint against one of our employees conduct, please see here:


You are able to submit your feedback in the hyperlink provided below, the link will take you to a Google Forms sheet. Your feedback will be sent to our Public Relations team. None of the fields on the form are mandatory so you may remain anonymous, however this means the Public Relations team will have no way to contact you.

Some of you may be aware that since release we have been using the Evolve Admin Mod since our initial release. While it has sufficed, it was less than ideal in a number of ways it operated both front end and back end. So we have created a whole new admin system which should hopefully allow our staff team to help effectively serve you if you have a valid report. We have titled this Super Cool Admin Mod, or SCAM for short, for the lulz.

What does this mean for you as a regular user? Other than using /report not a great deal; you may notice a few changes here and there otherwise but nothing game changing.

So here's the new stuff with /report...

In your F1 Key Bindings you have a new option to bind (default is F6) to open up the reports window which will show your past reports from your current session.

You can either create a report here by pressing the create button or typing in chat like normal with "/report [reason]" the reason being optional and will automatically fill in the report window box.

If you have already submitted a report, do not create another report if it has to do with the same incident. This has always been true and why sometimes you will see a report of yours get closed without any staff member talking to you. However now, you can fill in more details of your report as needed so staff have a better idea of what your story is before by opening your report. Keep in mind that this is not a substitute for all situations where an admin will need to speak to you directly via voice or otherwise in game. Only give as much information as you can and be as truthful as possible.

You are also able to close your own report if you find it was invalid, a duplicate, or do not wish to continue with the...


Fancy watching it with mates and :hype:?
There will be a 'fan park' at the Suburbs Park

to watch matches ingame, but of course
anyone can play the stream on a TV ingame.

IMPORTANT: To watch ingame, follow this guide
to fix TV livestreams.

Casting Team
@Torben Torben
@Lucia Younty
@John Daymon
@Rogue Car Tyres


View tournament brackets

All times are British time (GMT+1).


B1 | VEGANS vs SCOTLAND | 4-16
A1 | HARAMBE vs AZERTY | 11-16
A2 | BRAVO vs DNT | 16-12
B2 | FISSE vs KOMMANDO 9 | 16-9

B4 | SCOTLAND vs FISSE | 16-12...
Hopefully this update addresses some crashing people had while loading car dealer or any other car related window. This also eliminates the annoying audio while it loads all the car models.

  • Overall better looking GUI skin which makes EVERYTHING better (more colors potentially on the way) (can change in F1 menu)
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
  • Car Related windows (you can click and drag side to side to rotate the car around)
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
  • Night times hopefully not nearly as dark or faded
  • Some new / changed administrative features / info
  • Car customizing limits colors in a more straightforward way which hopefully will reduce glow in the dark cars.
  • Car dealer now stocks cars in the displays with all but the basic paint to show off the variety better
  • Car sales tax is now 10% of what the actual rate is. So if sales tax is 25% for buying a car it is 2.5% which should hopefully should make their prices not go completely out of sight with any amount of sales tax.
  • Other stuff

Some more information may be added into car dealer or slight window tweaks in the future. If you happen to come across any issues with colors on the new skin please make a bug report. There are also a variety of bug fixes, some critical, some basic so hopefully this fixes a few things for people. Anyways enjoy!
Rule Amendments 01/08/2016

Oh lord another one?
Some pretty good points were raised in the Rules Discussion thread and we felt that the chat and some other things weren't properly covered by the rules. Below is a brief changelog and a picture of the newly edited rules.

In addition to some new rules the F1 menu help sections have been updated, please note that the FAQ is still being updated. If you have any suggestions or you've spotted a mistake feel free to reply to this thread or PM me directly. They can be seen here: FAQ Chat Help

2.2 Voice Chat
  • Clarified when Voice Chat should be used (partly suggested by @Allen Kennedy)
2.9 Text Chat
  • New rule, states that it is now against the rule to misuse various chat functions. Also references the Chat help.
3.19 Evading Arrest
  • Reworded to Eliminate some confusion, shortened to hopefully make it simpler.
3.21 Non-Player Characters
  • Clarified what is meant by 'treated as regular players' and added that Killing NPCs doesn't always qualify as 'taking into consideration' (Partially suggested by @lelios1)
4 City Employee Rules
  • Renamed to 'City' employee in order to include taxi driver and courier to accommodate new rule. Just to clear things up ALL jobs are city employees but not all city employees are government employees, (see the definitions section of the rules for clarification)
4.2 SWAT Officer
  • Changed the last sentence to apply to more than just the Mayor.
  • Specified when it's appropriate for SWAT to deploy (Suggested by @Chrissy :beef:)
4.10 Taxi Driver...
Rule Amendments 14/07/2016
Hey guys, I know it's not been long since we had one of these but there are some minor amendments that have been made and I thought I'd just let you all know the changes that have happened. The forum rules page has also been updated and is now functional. Thank you to @Murtsley, @Bean Can, @Chris and @Chrissy for the suggestions.​

Server Rules
  • 1.3 Slander - Minor correction, 'Ban Requests' replaced with 'Action Requests'
  • 3.18 Storages and Trunks - It is now against the rules to detach weapon attachments when your life is in immediate danger with the sole intention of preserving them from loss. For example if you are being shot at and are going to die and you detach your stock so you don't lose it, you will face punishment. However you may still switch out attachments when you're life is in immediate danger if you can prove that your intentions weren't to avoid their loss. For example if you're switching out sights and you die halfway through you will most likely not be punished.
  • 3.23 Placing Drugs - It is now not against the rules to transport drugs in the back of a van or pickup truck. (This means that you can put drugs in them solely for transporting, not for permanent growth)
  • 4.2 SWAT Officers - Reworded to allow SWAT to conduct simple exercises within the PD that does not involve live ammunition.
  • 5.2 Forced Withdrawals - Corrected a clash with the Penal Code, officers are now exempt from this rule (the storage aspect) provided they are operating within the law.
Forum Rules
  • 2.3 Unnecessary Posting - Further clarification of what is considered unnecessary.

As I'm sure almost everyone is aware by now, the weapon update is now live. Yes, there were some bugs and stuff, but for how massive this update was and all the things that could go wrong, I would personally say it went actually very well. Some things reported to me are a bit mysterious still, but I'm sure in due time they will make sense. Anyways I'm not going to try to list everything that was fixed, changed, added, etc with this, but here's a partial rundown.

New guns/weapons! Lots redone regarding weapons to help make them feel smoother and act more like how they should so it doesn't feel so laggish and awful.
  • AK-74U
  • AK-101
  • AS50
  • AUG A3
  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • (craftable) G36C
  • Glock 17
  • Glock 18C
  • L85A2
  • L115A3
  • Mk 2 grenade
  • P99
  • P226
  • PM
  • PPK
  • SCAR-L
  • UMP45
  • USP40
  • Mini-Uzi
  • Aimpoint
  • EOTech
  • Compact EOTech
  • Microdot
  • Reflex sights for pistol and rifle
  • Red dot
  • ACOG
  • 4 different magnfication scopes
  • Suppressors for all calibers but a couple
  • Optional stocks for better recoil management
Police skins!
  • All police vehicles have new skins
  • Police SUV for sergeants+
  • Police uniform changed to have badges according to their rank (still some bugs to work out)
Monorail App
New police jail dialog that allows you to enter a reason
Enhanced dispatcher map

We included a number of other fixes and requested suggestions, to be honest I can't remember them all but they're there. As noticed there are several levels of purity for refined metal now, this was done in part to create a way for people to decide between having quick access to a material for a high price or save some money and refine it themselves. This also allows gun stores to be a bit more competitive with each other and can price the same item differently by a fair margin.

Firearms levels used to be gained by...

As our three year anniversary is coming up we decided to have a blast from the past and create a PerpHeads server that runs the code/map we had 3 years ago.

The version of the gamemode is from September 2013 which means that it shouldn't have too many game breaking bugs. To make the start a bit easier, everyone will start with $100,000, premium and all skills maxed out. The server will use the rules and laws from back then too; although rules may not be strictly enforced as this server is meant for fun. The duration that this server will be open is undetermined. Nothing from this server translates to the main server.

PerpHeads has certainly come a long way and I hope you'll be able to tell how much the gamemode changed since then.

To join the server connect to this IP

If you are getting any texture issues make sure you:
  • deleted your addons/perpheads folder (you're gonna have to redownload the content for the update anyways)
  • unsubscribed from any perpheads workshop collection
  • have downloads enabled

If you want to be helper on the server please ask for it in this thread and you might get it.
Please note, banned players are not banned on the legacy server
Ok so first off let me say, thank you all for being patient about letting this update take its time. It has been an adventure for all of us trying to get it to work in every way: from first person models, to third person models, to items dropped, to inventory displays. Source Engine wasn't fully set up with this kind of thing in mind. But here at PH we tend to get around some of the limits that otherwise stop us from being unique.

We plan to release all of this ideally on PerpHead's 3rd year anniversary!!! For those of you who do not know when that is it is the 5th of July. Additional events and stuff may be scheduled for the same day in order to commemorate the day.

This update includes a number of other features as well that have been worked on in conjunction with weapons. So hopefully everything goes as planned and with as few errors as possible.

Here's where some "bad" news happens though. As you may be aware some items currently crafted either are or contain parts of the gun which will be optional after this update. So this requires new components to craft. We have decided that all components upon release will be deleted. Be sure you use up all the ones you have or they will be removed and no cash value given. I regret having to do it this way but it is by far the easiest and best solution. Although I imagine most people that are crafting guns will have already made most parts into the weapons they intended them to become.

We are working frantically to be sure everything is set up and all other fixes are balanced and ready to go. I know this announcement may be a bit delayed but there have been a number of RL set backs for me recently. Either way, if you have any questions that I can answer for you at this time feel free to ask (keep it reasonable).
Server Events: 19/06/16 - Sunday 4PM GMT +1

We've decided to run some events next Sunday, sorry it's been a while since the last one.
Hope to see you all there!​



TIME: 4:00PM


Prize: Last man standing: $50,000

Description: People that participate in the event will be placed on top of a 6x6 wooden platform which is above the sea at the beach. A staff member will be below the platform and every 10 seconds or so, 1 at a time a wooden platform will be removed, now obviously if you're standing on the platform that is removed, you will fall into the sea. The last man standing will win the prize.

Round 1: @WildFire
Round 2:


TIME: 5:00PM

EVENT: Beach Derby

Prize: Last car standing: $75,000

Description: People that participate in the event will be instructed to take their cars to the beach. A platform is built above the sea, same place as the 6x6 event. One by one, people will start having their cars brought up to the platform, some cars are not allowed to be apart of the event, specifically big, heavy and slow cars (Raptor, Vans, Escalade etc.) most sports cars and cars that have been glitchy in past events. After everyone is in place next to each other and the same on the other sides of the platform. When the go ahead is given, everybody then just unleashes into each other until there is...​