2nd Perpheads Montage

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Song didnt allow for more clips

Some of the clips are extremely old :)

ofc 1080p is best bitrate


Liking it, absolutely liking it, good work and thank you for sharing!
I'm going to give that a hard disagree, In such roleplay servers you play a character, there is the limits between OOC and IC and IC actions are to not be reflected OOC, which is an obvious borderline most follow. Playing a character that is obviously distressed and angered dosen't mean they are geniuenlly toxic IRL. Besides, thanks for your opinion.
when you upload a video so tightly cropped that you don't show yourself showing a gun under gunpoint
Teach me how to do the outlines and shit

Good montage tho great job
It's quite time consuming, you have to edit the frames, frame by frame until the outlines match up if the frames move. What I saw a lot in this video is that he made it flicker a few frames so it looks like it shifts but in reality it doesn't really shift that much. At the gravestone I am pretty sure he just made more of it appear every frame.
Its not hard, but time consuming if you want to nail it.