AR on N0oni:D_Rio

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Your Steam/In-game Name: Synatec / Efua Makhal

His/Her Steam/In-game Name: N0oni:D_Rio / Stav Abergal

His/Her SteamID: STEAM_0:1:108145691

Why Should This Player Be Punished:
- 3.4, 3.5
Nooni was killed after me and a few friends lawfully helped the PLPD in saving medic @D3V from a hostage situation. After respawning, she some how came back knowing exactly who I was and what I did and decided to shoot me for it in front of a medic.
He risked his life as you can clearly see the TFU leave towards gas station to deal with people that were shooting at officers and my friends, it was swarming with cops around the business area.
He also shot me right in front of a medic and all my friends. This probably means he got shot right away by either TFU or my friends, which he obviously knew. Please confirm with logs.

I request a Staff member to get some logs of his organisation chat and see exactly what he said and how he knew it was me.
This occured on the 11th of January 2019 around 14:30 UK time. You can also try looking for the log of him killing me with a HK45 CT.

Evidence (Demo Required):
You can clearly see her body, logs can back this up too.

@McGlinchy dealth with the report in-game but I had to go and Nooni was AFK. He found some logs I am pretty sure which might've been him breaking 3.5 blatantly.

Some people involved:
@D3V , @Brinch ,@ShadowJoey , @Fusions , @Super_ , @The HitMan
didn't read what you said there but it remember whats happened after id ie and after my nlr done my friends was still alive inside projex and i ask whats going on and they said kos cops and kos morons cuz you guys shot them from morons i saw that from the gas station that you was part of the guys that shot my friends so i killed yo u
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You should read what I said.

If they said guys at morons but didnt say who exactly, then how in hell do you know I am one of them?
And then explain why you shot me right in front of a medic and TFU at the gas station?
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None of your friends could've possibly seen me good enough to be able to recognize me and call me out. Wow, you saw me in morons. Good job champ! Now how exactly does that tell you I am one of them? Because I have a gun and I am standing in morons? Doesn't make sense does it? What if exactly me was the innocent person that didn't shoot a single bullet yet but he came to support his friends so they wouldn't die?
You 100% died after shooting me because of either the TFU or my friends. It was swarming with hostile people around Projex. You risked your life to get nothing back from it, everything was taken and broke NLR. Period
after my nlr done i was standing at the gas station saw the sitotaion that you and your friends and the cops they killed my friends and as you can see i didnt even was close to the medic and the tfu at the gas station
you had 0 friends around you and don't play dump the cops was shooting my friends with guys on morons you had gun on you cops didn't say shit if you didn't one of the guys at morons cops was saying to you store your gun or something I'm not saying that because of that i shot you i saw you and the cop shooting my friends
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