Atomic's Ban Apology

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United Kingdom
Appealing for: Ban
Appeal type: Apology
Which staff member banned you: RoyHB but he's CWB so @Madda @Collier @Bolli
How long were you banned for: Perma

Your Steam Name: Atomic
Your In-game Name: Forgot
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:142834053

Why were you banned/blacklisted: MASS RDM
Why should this appeal be considered:

Well i'd firstly like to start this with apologies to the people I had killed with me mass rdming and I hope you guys are able to look past at what I did and see that I made a stupid mistake as mass rdm isn't really something that isn't worth doing. Secondly I would also like to apologize to any staff that was affected with the aftermath that they had to deal with and I understand from a personal POV how stressful being a staff member can be sometimes and it probably didn't help that I caused so much shit.

Well I feel like I also owe the whole community an apology as a whole, I was once a staff member who had a good reputation which I have ruined by just being a minge or by having fun at my own cost without thinking about the other persons POV and how it can affect others, I know me just saying sorry won't be enough but it's a start. I want this chance to be unbanned so I can prove myself as a player who isn't some minge lord or rule breaker. I am just like the rest of you trying to have fun, but i went down the wrong road of doing something stupid which I regret doing now and just want another chance.

Since i've been banned I feel like I have learnt that breaking rules for my own enjoyment is not worth it at all. Anyone who even thinks about doing what I did, trust me it's not worth it as you only end up wanting to come back to the community as proved by many people who have been in the same situation as me. It's very stupid and I regret my actions, wish I didn't end up doing the fucked up shit I did as I don't really get anything out of it other than a ban and the embarrassment of writing an appeal for stupid actions that won't happen again.

Another thing I did that doesn't state on my ban however it needs to be said and apologized for is posting @finlay3110 mobile number in OOC at this point as said above you I didn't care about this server at all or had any care about the members in it and just wanted to be a cunt to people for my own enjoyment. Not that this is an excuse for doing it as it was totally uncalled for but I can see how this negatively affects people as I wouldn't want my number in OOC as it just causes problems that can be easily avoided that doesn't waste his or staffs time. I do apologize for my actions and I can't really prove to you i'm sorry over an appeal but i'd appreciate it if you could give me another chance to prove to the community i'm not some toxic rule breaking kid that i've made myself out to be.

I miss the community and the funny times i've had with friends and really want to be able to have that fun again where I will play seriously but still have laughs with friends.
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I’m unsure why my reply was deleted since I am directly mentioned in the appeal and he came to me personally to apologise for what he did. I believe in forgive and forget. Therefor I forgive him for what he did
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