Ban Apology (Admin Meeting)

Reaction score
Punishment Type: Ban
Appeal Type: Apology
Which staff member issued the punishment?: Bnej
How long were you banned/blacklisted for?: 6 Months

Your Steam Name: Slinky
Your Roleplay Name: arve pedersen
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:583419817

Why were you banned/blacklisted?: massRDM

Why should this appeal be considered?: i am sorry for all my actions i did there, did not think over what i did. I have waited a long time and i was hoping i could get unbanned soon. I am sorry for this and it wont happen again, just give me a chance please. i havent played on this server for that long im pretty sure im actually still a new player. and i would be happy if you could unbann me so i can play the game. i only had 3 warnings and 2 bans i think so 6 months is to be honest alot. i was stupid and was fooling around but then realized i made a big mistake and then made a bigger mistake to leave. i was hoping to wake up the next day without getting a ban but then saw 6 months and that shocked me. even though what i did is porbly the most serious stuff you could do i just want to ask for a new chance sins it been like 4 months soon and i want to play on this server badly now.

Additional Information: thank you for your time