Community Spotlight - December 2023

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Community Spotlight - December 2023

Player Showcase
Recognising Players for Roleplay, Creativity or Helpfulness

The player showcase portion of the Community Spotlight is designed to showcase players that have been noticed by Community Management for good roleplay, creativity or helpfulness. Any players that are featured in this section are awarded the Community Spotlight trophy on their forum profile in recognition.

Bazaar Shop
Created by @phoondos

This is just a bazaar store posted by phoondos in the Community Discord. It's nice and elegant with some Christmas decorations to set the tone for December.

Posted on 3rd December 2023
Awarded Community Spotlight
Suburbs Party
Created by @dog

To kick of the festivities last month we had dog hosting a party in the rear of one of the suburbs houses. It features a fire pit, football, large television and more. The photo even catches the football mid-air. Pretty cool.

Posted on 7th December 2023
Awarded Community Spotlight
Salvation Army
Created by @Mallard

Mallard decided to focus more on the giving side this Christmas. He created a Salvation Army stall in the city which is in place to help the homeless. Very charitable of Mallard and certainly something different for us for this months spotlight.

Posted on 7th December 2023
Awarded Community Spotlight
Homeless PassiveRP
Created by @jozko007371

A new name for the spotlight this month, weirdly another recognition for a homeless related build. Regardless this is a pretty cool use of signs and just overall something new and different to see on your adventures in Paralake.

Posted on 7th December 2023
Awarded Community Spotlight
Christmas Suburbs
Created by @Collier @Maia @Murtsley

I wouldn't normally include several people in one spotlight nomination but it's hard not to recognise all of their work that they put into this build. You need to see images of the inside to really appreciate the amount of work that went in.

Posted on 8th December 2023
Awarded Community Spotlight and Bob the Builder
Market Stall
Created by @Lucius Husky

Lucius has not let the limit of 40 props stop him from creating this PassiveRP Market Stall in time for Christmas. Lucius has been featured iin the spotlight numerous times before and again has made an appearance.

Posted on 10th December 2023
Awarded Community Spotlight
Santa's Grotto
Created by @LilacAndGooseberries @Rusty

This build included a Santa's lap to sit on and tell him what you want for Christmas. A very warm and homely build which gives off Santa's Grotto vibes, very cool and had a lot of attention from the community in December.

Posted on 12th December 2023
Awarded Community Spotlight
Present Igloo
Created by @Ope Winsten

So if anybody was experiencing server or performance problems on the 14th Dec then you can thank Ope Winsten for this unique but impressive build at the Christmas Market this year.

Posted on 14th December 2023
Awarded Community Spotlight
Market Stall
Created by @LilacAndGooseberries

A second but sort of related build this time for the market stall created at the Christmas Market this year. This build also featured a Santa which is pretty awesome.

Posted on 15th December 2023
Awarded Community Spotlight
Big Fat Burgers
Created by @JuanBonita

I couldn't think of a better name myself. This cool burger stall at the back of the Bazaar got attention from the community and rightly so in all seriousness very cool build and nice to see some more passive styles of roleplay.

Posted on 15th December 2023
Awarded Community Spotlight
Patriotic Guns
Created by @ClumsySpyTTV

A very patriotic gun store created by ClumsySpy just a bit different to the usual bazaar stores and given the interesting year the UK has had in 2023 probably worthy of a mention. God save the king.

Posted on 24th December 2023
Awarded Community Spotlight

Community Information
Any important information relating to the Community

This portion of the Community Spotlight is in place to make sure you are up to date with any changes made in the community, and ensures you don't miss out on any ongoing community wide events that are open for participation.

PERPHeads Christmas Market
Managed by @Tyla Jai

We hosted a market again this year which was even bigger than the last! We ran the market for three hours and experienced a high volume of visitors and store owners certainly for the first half. It wasn't without hiccups with a bank robbery here and there but the community made this an awesome and wholesome event.

14th December 2023
Bazaar Shenanigans
Posted by @Tyla Jai

It isn't really important community information but I wanted to show it somewhere. For some reason all of us in Bazaar on this day decided to go on a random minge episode placing signs on the wall which looked rather interesting and upset a couple of jobsworth staff but we all had fun.

10th December 2023
Christmas Day Update
Posted by @Fredy

A new update log was posted, this features the announcement of two new developers, new Christmas Sweaters for existing Community Managers and Administrators all with unique colours, new models and firework improvements. Check it out below.

25th December 2023
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