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Hello all,

We would like to take the time and opportunity to acknowledge and thank our former Chiefs of Department in their roles. Over the past couple of years, there have been some fantastic positive changes with some great server and PD development. Due to concerns regarding the power balance and activity of the Chiefs the community management team have removed them from office and the former chiefs worked on recruiting 2 more as we are aware. We are very glad to announce that all the former chiefs will be remaining in the department in different roles.

Former Chief of Department Platt 6660 (McGlinchy)
In position from 10/09/2020 to 02/09/2021
“We would like to recognise the Former Chief of Department Platt who has been a member of this community and department for a long time. They have held many different positions and have headed many different changes to our department. Platt has consistently shown exemplary service throughout their career”

Former Deputy of Department Wolf 1000 (Collier)
In position from 05/12/2019 to 02/09/2021
“Deputy Chief of Department Wolf has served as Chief and Deputy roles over the past couple of years. Wolf has been a well-respected employee in the Department and the wider community.”

Former Deputy Chief of Department Jai 9999 (Tyla Jai)
In position from 02/08/2021 to 02/09/2021
“Deputy Chief of Department Jai has held numerous positions in the Police Department at different ranks and functions and has been a well-respected employee and community member. We would like to thank Jai for his good service and influence over some positive changes and server development. Jai has currently stepped down to Sergeant in the Road Traffic Unit and will be continuing his role of Community Manager”

We would also like to acknowledge…

Former Major Debbie Fogle (Jack) - Head of Operations Services
In position from 05/12/2020 to 01/09/2021
“Major Fogle resigned from his position just prior to the Chiefs going so may have not been noticed as much as we would have liked. Fogle was a very well-liked member of our department and wider community. He had been an employee since prior to 2018 and a lot of our new systems. Fogle has been involved in assisting with many new concepts and changes in the Department and we are very sad to see he has resigned from all of his duties. We wish him the very best in the future and hope he returns at some point.”

Kind regards,

Sergeant Jord
People Services
On Behalf of the Office of the Chiefs of Department
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