My Resignation

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Hi perpheads.

I have been forced to resign from my moderator duties. You probably haven't seen me around too much lately on the server, I started to be inactive because I got a new job and wanted to focus on it and also take a bit of a break. I came back for two weeks and now disaster has stuck and I won't have any time to play on the server due to personal reasons which I won't get into.

I have really enjoyed being a staff member on the best community on Gmod and it's been a pleasure working with a lot of good and friendly people. I hope you guys enjoyed what I did!

I want to thank the entire administration team for considering me for staff.

@curak - probably the nicest guy in the entire staff team.

@Shay - Could probably be my dad because he sounds like he is 65. Also extremely friendly and was fun to play with. Sucks at CS tho

@Dank - You are the funny developer (better than Samual).

@flugs - Without you giving me a warning I would probably never apply for enforcer. And also stop drinking, please.

@Bojing - Thank you for being my punching bag

@money - Thank you for being @money

@The rest of the staff team. I Enjoyed all of you!

I'll probably be back in the future!

Peace, Misel.
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