PERPHeads Community Awards 2018 - Results

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After a week of voting, the community awards this year has come to a close. I'd like to personally thank everyone for taking part for the past five years, and I hope you can join us next year for a bigger and better community awards.

Here are your winners for 2018:

Funniest Member

Most Creative

Biggest Troll

Most Helpful

Friendliest Player

Most Caring

Biggest Memer

Best Roleplay

Best Police

Worst Aim

Best Aim

Most Missed
@Robin Ljungberg

Most Toxic

Best Newcomer

Player of the year

Best Moderator

Best Administrator

Best Owner

Staff member of the year

But of course, everyone's a winner!

Feel free to show off your award, or the one above as your signature!

Thank you to all of you for taking part.

Have a brilliant Christmas & New Year!


Jack > Dom

I said it wat ya guna do
Thanks a lot everyone, means a lot.

eat my ass @Ethan

I couldn't have asked for a better award, I'm so grateful for everyone who voted for me to gain this award this year.
I try my hardest everyday i'm on the server to ensure that the quality of role play i am participating in is great and I couldn't do it without the majority of you guys, you all put up with my methods of role play no matter how annoying it may be and I appreciate it.

Next year I hope that I'm still here as watching this community develop has been a massive privilege and I hope to provide you with the same quality of role play that has evidently made you guys vote for me.

I will ensure to take pride in this award.
Thanks everyone and have a happy Christmas!!

John Daymon

could probably buy your whole family.

How does @Wiki get most controversial? Shit should've driven my campaign for this, man I fucking got demoted from Admin for BEING controversial!!!!!

banned players cant win awards? yet wiki got one