PLPD Montage

John Daymon

could probably buy your whole family.

Can someone explain how TFU is broken?
Don't Come with that you don't kill TFU with a headshot because the armour isnt changed since it was SWAT just a new model.

Don't Give me the stupid GIF of a person trying to headshot the TFU as the bullet didnt register.

Please explain as I Don't play Nor see the issue When I've played.

If the hitbox is broken please go on academy server with someone and demonstrate
It's the model, they dont die to one headshot unless its like a revolver or a deagle or smth. When they crouch they take 4 headshots too as it somehow counts as an arm shot (tested with tiny before u all start saying it doesnt) you're right about the armour, it hasnt changed but the model is a bit scuffed as it is.
Although i'm an cop 20/7 i would have to agree with dom. Some changes to the model needs to be done. 1 shot headshot should be the case at all times until the model gets a helmet. Even then should it be 1 shot in most cases and 2 shot sometimes.
Crim shootout complication killing other crims and regular officers = Auto Winner rating
Plpd shootout complication = AUTO DUMB RATING!

People dislike cops OOC and In-Character that only play cop. As well as that, nothing about TFU could be notable since it’s easy mode for most people and brings the killing quality and clip skill down, leading to the dislikes.
Toxicity? Please give me an example. Just because people get a bit pissed after getting killed doesn't mean the community is toxic.

The most toxicity I felt was when dirty @ICEKILLER_99 blew up my beloved halloween house. But my fault for crying about it lmao.

We all know toxicity hasn't gone up. Thing is: gmod is losing players. Now that's not a good reason as there's still popular servers around. This means you can't blame Gmod as PERP has a very loyal playerbase as it appears.

Problem is attracting new players. The main issue which you'll vote this post dumb for as you do for anything that is anti-cops: TFU is too hard for new players, too many police officers ( even though of the recent update, what really happens is that the more filled the server, the less people do stuff. People call me crazy if I suggest a raid while there's 13+ cops on ), drug system is too expensive, weapon system favors veterans instead of all players, police officers complain about no RP, but always try to shoot the hostage taker no matter what. Players due to having only one enemy (pd) see no interest in fighting each other.

You can't blame either though. Of course cops will use their tools and civilians will team up. It's the devs turn to bring balance and do a big update to balance things out.
Oh shit here comes tilin, making walls of useless and mostly meaningless text on his favorites garry's mod server's forum. Can't i even make a gag on a random video topic without all ya crying me a bunch of rivers and arguing over bullshit lol?
The community is toxic as they spam rate an active player's video with dumb ratings because they disagree with the balancing which is nothing to do with him.

It's been toxic for a long time with people spamming ARs on each other, hate towards staff team members and contributors, OOC/forum crying, insults and arguments. Good veteran players moved on because of these things, not because of the "PLPD Zerg". Bitching about the PD is a recent development.
2:03 aimbot.exe has stopped working?
people caring about aim on a gmod sever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx