Staff positions + Changes (Helper removed)

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Dear users and staff,
After the past Head Administrator stepped down from his position, a few changes have been made to ranks and such alike. Here are some basic change notes on the ranks and what their job is.

Each staff member will deal with the ban appeals of the players they banned. This includes enforcers; not the staff members that banned the player for them.
Staff members that are Moderators or of higher rank deal with ban requests.

Head Administrator - The Head Administrator, in its current form, is the leading administrator rank; The holder of this rank's duties involve managing the staff team, training accepted applicants and other important tasks that may occur.

Senior Administrators - Senior Administrators have similar duties to the Head Admin; the current Senior Administrators at the time this post was created (Alex, Luke and myself) are to agree on ideas and make important decisions. We are also to help manage the staff team

Administrators - An administrators job is similar to the Moderators job; except, admins have more power and responsibility and 'watch over' the Moderators and Enforcers.

Moderators - Moderators respond to reports and they are to help the Enforcers perform their duties; for example, if an Enforcer needs someone to be banned/blacklisted etc.

Enforcers - As said, "Admins on foot" Enforcers deal with situations that they see whilst RPing In-Game, this means they do not respond to reports or OOC reports as such. Enforcers are still equipped with necessary admin tools to deal with their situations.

Helpers - Helpers jobs are to respond to the help chat as much as possible with correct information; this rank will be removed soon as the current players do an excellent job of replying anyway, thanks to this great and honorable community! There is more information on why we dont have helpers anymore here.

Yours sincerely,
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