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If this is a serious post, Stop, don't leave.

Why should you leave this community to please others?
if people want to hate on your for your voice then let them, just ignore the haters and move on mate.

People don't want to see great members of the community leave.

Conclusion - Don't leave.
"People think squeakers are some kind of illness or something like that.. Well its not."
I get it, I /used/ to experience similar issues- I think, I am not sure if I have a high pitched voice anymore, nobody comments on it. Ignore those who judge you, or others for similar issues. Things will begin changing you soon, you are only 13 remember.

You did not add my name to this link: You blocked me from steam as-well, for whatever reason.
Goodluck in the future,

EDIT: Also, this happened -
I didn't met you that many times in the last weeks but if I compare it with what I remember from around 6-7 months ago you really changed to theg good.
It's a shame to see you go but it's only you who can decide this.

Wrote this on my phone at 0:30 so sorry for any misspellings :p
Listen. No one hates you and no one wants to be horrible to you. We were friends.
Just don't be an attention seeker because that is what this thread is basically about, not to be mean but this is what you are really doing right now.
Cya man sad to see you go.
No... Please no....

Sorry for being so 'Ignorant' recently. You truly are a great freind, and you will be missed, not only by me but everyone.
We had some fantastic banter and RP and i hope to be able to do some of that another time. I really look forward to seeing you hop on every once in a while.
Again... Sorry pal.

Sincerely, your freind <3

BTW, i will inform @Dead about this post
Frank am sorry bout the beef that was between us. I wish you the best and please come back so we can know each other better and I wish you the best luck in your future.
Im very sad to hear that your leaving Frank.
I hope that you will return and not be gone for good, hope we still can talk sometimes.
And good luck with whatever you do next
Frank, fuck what other people think really. You can't help it because your voice is different? If you really like PERP and enjoy playing with your friends , why leave? No one is perfect, i can say im not perfect at all and im getting judged all the time but i don't really care. I Don't really think you should either. So please frank keep in mind , you are a great guy, friendly, and funny. Don't leave because shitheads are nagging on you. We have had some nice moment together so. Don't leave like this buddy. <3
There are always haters in the community I get a few of them myself but I tend to block them out. Don't leave just ignore them no matter where you go there will always be a few who just hate you for no reason. If you need advice on how to deal with them contact the staff or myself we can help. The only thing I have to say now is.

Haters gonna hate.
As long as you don't leave the forums and lurk the servers and isn't permanently gone it's the least you can do so I respect that. I don't see who wants you to stay or laugh at you, but I'm sure that with enough evidence and names you'll be able to stay in the servers without any dumbasses annoying you.
It's sad to see a long time member go, and a lot of us will miss you.
But honestly, if you're going to put down "people trolled me for my voice" as one of your main reasons for leaving, perhaps you weren't exactly mature enough to be in a community mostly populated by people in their late teens...
I'm sorry to be a bit harsh, but this is comparable to ErmakDimon's infamous "ermagerd ERM gettin picked on cuz am Russian!", people will always be dicks, you have to learn to ignore them. If you think everyone is going to be nice to you, you're going to have a rough life, because guess what? It doesn't get better.
Honestly, I have no idea where you the idea in your head that no one likes you, even looking at your enforcer application you can see people like you with the amount of positive replies you received.

Anyway, shame to see you go mate, good luck.