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New Year Eve 2022

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Good afternoon all!

Hope everyone had a good festive period and enjoyed time with those you spent it with.

Just posting to let you know that there will be fireworks on the server at midnight (00:00 GMT). You join via the event system that will notify you.

Big thank you to @Super_ for creating them this year and I am sure he has done an amazing job.

Have a Happy New Year! I won’t be attending due to a prior engagement with a bottle of vodka but I hope you all enjoy!

We will also get a video for those who cannot make it.

PERPHeads Charity Livestream 2022

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Today, during the season of giving we are announcing a charity livestream being hosted by @Aquaa, this will be the first official charity livestream in the history of this community. We have been running the Secret Santa for several years where you have all demonstrated how charitable you can be so we thought it'd be warm to extend this to a charitable organisation as a community together.​
About the Charity

The charity that has been chosen by @Aquaa is St Judes for Children's Cancer Care. St Judes provide lifesaving care and...​

PERPHeads Christmas Calendar 2022

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About the Calendar

To continue with the idea we had last year to have a new event or feature added every day we will be doing the same this year. If you were not here last year, there will either be an event or new feature, or even entire update for every day in December until the 25th to celebrate Christmas. This year will contain one major update during the Christmas Calendar along with a number of new items and plenty of events. The changes will be announced on this thread.​
Christmas Calendar
  • 1st - Christmas Trees and Winter Map
  • 2nd - Christmas Jumpers and Present Hunt
  • 3rd - Freeze Fishing Rods and Claim Present
  • 4th - Traditional Events and Candy Cane Giveaway
  • 5th - Gym Bench, Handbrake Update and Igloo Competition
  • 6th - Storage Lockers for Jobs and Horse Statue Giveaway
  • 7th - Mystery Box...

PERPHeads 2022 Community Awards - Results!

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Awards Introduction

Welcome to the PERPHeads Community Awards for the Year 2022. This is now the nineth annual awards celebration post with it being the biggest yet. This year we have had a total of 2,220 nominations across 74 votes which as you can imagine I was very busy converting all of those free text responses into actual usable data. We have had an increase this year in different players being represented but still examples of players such as Jamie, Jenga and Rogue coming up in multiple categories both as winners and runners up. This is the second year of me hosting the awards since becoming Community Manager. A total of 377 nominations were missed because players have chosen to ignore the category or because it has been eliminated for being a troll vote such as entering a name that isn't a real person.​

Award Results...

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