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22-01-2017 Update log

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After a lot of spoiling in the shoutbox I am pleased to announce that the new overhauled phone app is now complete and you can check it out on the server.
The most notable gameplay change is that instead of being able to get anyone's phone number by adding them as a buddy, you now have to manually add each contact from the contacts tab.
The only exception to this is if you are mutual buddies with someone. In that case they appear in your contacts automatically.

Full list of changes:
  • Completely reworked phone app giving it an updated look
  • Phone app is now split into three tabs: Dialer, Call history, Contacts
  • Contacts are now seperate from your buddies
  • Adding someone as buddy no longer reveals their phone number
  • You can now give every contact a different avatar (Right click on contact to edit)
  • The call history shows you the 20 most recent calls you made
  • The messenger app uses the same avatars as the phone contacts now
  • Updated the call app...

Server Events: 22/01/2017 - Sunday 1PM Onwards - GMT +0

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Hey everyone,
You guys all know what time it is, tomorrow we will be hosting a few events for you guys to take part in, prizes will be given out for winners of each event. We hope you can all make it and can't wait to see you all there!
TIME: 1:30PM
WINNER: @Nade Alardin

Description: People that participate in the event will be placed on top of a 6x6 wooden platform which is above the sea at the beach. A staff member will be below the platform and every 10 seconds or so, 1 at a time a wooden platform will be removed, now obviously if you're standing on the platform that is removed, you will fall into the sea. The last man standing will win the prize.

TIME: 2:30 PM

Server Issues: 14/01/2017-17/01/2017

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Hello everyone, as many of you are aware the server over the past few days has experienced malfunctions, errors, and crashes very frequently. We recently purchased a new server with the latest components available, however something appears to have not worked properly, it is unknown if this was a hardware or software fault.
We have moved back to our old server and for the moment it seems to be behaving properly and has stopped crashing.

Because of issues over the weekend and start of the week we are giving everyone that had active premium 1 additional week for free.

Rule Implementations | 06/01/2017

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Hi guys,

Recently the staff team has been reviewing rules and have decided that some changes needed to be made, so below I'll list the edited rules and what's been added or changed:​

  • 2.9 - Text chat
    Organization chat is to be treated like a phone application, and as such players should be aware that other players would see them interacting in it. ‘Panic Binds’ may not be used in organization chat.
  • 3.7 Properties
    Any type of fortification or defence in the bazaar or business shops is prohibited.
  • 3.9 Placing props
    A maximum of three spotlights may be concentrated on a particular area.
  • 5.1 Mugging
    may they intentionally take place within the vicinity of the Drug Dealer.
Best regards,

Senior administration.​

Forum & TeamSpeak 3 Integration

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Hi guys, fairly recently Fredy has purchased a new Forum plugin. This allows users to link their TS3 unique ID with the forums, which means any ranks you gain on the forums, will automatically be added to your teamspeak account! This will be extremley helpful and was a great investment, so be sure to thank @Fredy!

Here's how to get it setup:

  • Firstly, hover over your profile in the top right, and go down to teamspeak
  • Once clicked you want to go onto "Sync Account"
  • Once you click on "Sync Account" go over to teamspeak, click "Ctrl+I (or go to settings, identities), once done copy and paste the unique ID found here,
  • [SPOILER="Step...

PerpHeads Fireworks 2017

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We're approaching the end of the year and to celebrate the new year we will be hosting our yearly PerpHeads Fireworks show again.

The times for the showings are listed below



All times are listed in GMT

Make sure to join the server well before your desired time to ensure you get a place also pay attention to the chat to join the event. If you can't attend the show there will also be a video uploaded to Youtube shortly after the event takes place.

This year's show is much larger than previous years and features 2945 fireworks, hope to see you in game and have a Happy New Year!​

Thanks to @Alex_:D for creating the show.

PERPHeads Community Survey & Open Discussion

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PERPHeads Community Survey & Open Discussion

Hi guys, hope everyone's well. Before we get into some serious boring stuff, I'd like to thank everyone again for participating in the community awards, it was a great outcome and it was amazing to get everyone involved!

So, I resigned from Senior Administrator on the 4th of September 2015 which is crazy as I've never ever played on a Garry's Mod community as a regular user, everywhere I've joined I've pursued to get staff, so playing a whole year as a user has been a different experience for me. Although I've left the staff team, I'm still incredibly interested in affairs within the community. I think...

PerpHeads Community Awards 2016 - Results!

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Before we begin, make sure you've seen the Community Awards 2016 announcement which had a lot of information about the community through the year! Thread can be found here:

It's the moment you have all been waiting for, the results of the PerpHeads Community Awards 2016, it's crazy that we had 174 responses to the form, it's great so many of you took part. Congratulations all who have received an award, and for those that haven't got one, you've got plenty of time to prepare for next year's awards!

Thanks to @AyJay for providing the 2016 template
and thanks to @Walker for changing all the templates and sending the images to me!


PLPD: Officer's Handbook

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Hi guys, I'm very pleased to announce this, after the idea was originally drafted in July 2016, we've had an amazing team of people work on this who have been credited on the handbook, the Department's Policing and Policy team have done a fantastic job.

Queue Server - Rules.

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Hello everyone,

Due to recent events these rules will now be placed in full effect via the queue server:​
  • 1.0 Basic Conduct rules apply.
  • Rule 2.2, 2.3 and 2.9 applies.
  • No usage of the tool gun in any malicious way.
  • No spamming of props via the tool gun.

A New Senior Administrator

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Hey everyone! Today is the day that I announce a new senior admin. It’s been awhile since we had one, yet I feel like another senior administrator is needed to help run the staff team. So I hope you can all congratulate @MrLewis on his new promotion. Lewis has been a dedicated staff member for over 2 years and has had a great impact on the staff team and will be a great addition to the senior administration team. I hope you can all give him a warm welcome!

PLPD: Tis' the season to be jolly!

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Image credit @LordTyla




- Stat from this quarters employee satisfaction survey
Good morning folks! It seems it's the most wonderful time of the year. It is absolutely...

PH XMAS CS:GO '16 - Register Now!

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Credit to @LordTyla for banner =]
PERPHeads Christmas CS:GO Tournament
19th-20th December
Registration now open!

Provisional Dates
Monday and Tuesday 19th-20th December.

Provisional and subject to change. (but probably not going to!)

Changes in response to Feedback!
(you'll like this bit...)

In response to feedback, some things will be done differently. Although the full rule document hasn't been created yet, these changes involve some important rule amendments:


27-11-2016 Update log

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Today we released an update that most of you probably haven't even noticed yet. We have fixed one of the main issues of our gamemode which caused many ARs and reports and often overwhelmed the staff team. I am of course talking about items disappearing after you leave the server.
As of today any dropped items and planted drugs will stay around for up to 5 minutes after a user disconnects. If you reconnect during that period those items will stay around and they will still be "yours".

23-11-2016 Update log

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So not a huge change log this time, but some useful things included. Enjoy!

  • If you have had issues with the "reliable buffer overflow" disconnect, it was likely due to you having too many drugs in your storage. While we strongly suggest you sell them before you have several thousand as it still could happen but we have tried to meter it out so you won't get this error as soon as you once did (even though this was already quite a large amount).
  • Rings are now shown on your hands in first person, so you can enjoy them more, rather than just being a sort of nonexistent thing. The positioning/angles on some are incorrect and we have other fingers that rings can be attached to that won't show in the store, but that will be fixed in time.
  • Zip ties can now be used to tie people up rather than "/me ties their hands" so by Rule 3.26, using this /me is now invalid and can not be used...

PerpHeads Community Awards 2016 - Vote!

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Poll will be closing 15/12/2016 at midnight - Cast your votes here!

As many of you are aware, for the past 2 years, a community outlaw that goes by the name AyJay hosted the PERPheads Community Awards where members of the community could vote for individuals for awards. I believe this is a great thing to do and gives us a chance to recognize people for their great work. I talked with AyJay and asked him if I could carry it on and he said it's fine.

Example from the 2014 awards

Past Community Awards

2014 -

04-11-2016 Small update log

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So as someone thankfully pointed out early on in the day, I messed up with the Luger crafting mixture so they could be crafted from a single grip. We looked into it and only 7 total were made until I made it impossible to craft more. Instead of doing anything regarding refunds or removing these, because the number is so few we're just going to allow people to keep those. If desired, we will accept your fully crafted Luger and give you a Luger grip in return so you can ease any guilty conscience you may have today but it is not necessary.

Moving on, I also seem to have forgotten to include magazine mixtures, which is a bit of a mistake :phteven: but it happens. Also there were missing stocks for MP5K and SPAS-12... (this weapon system is a real mess trying to keep track of what parts have been done now because of how modular each gun is :confused:). Attachments should work for all the appropriate guns though, only thing being the MP5K (unlike its bigger brother the standard...

03-11-2016 Update log

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Well not much was changed other than some more guns being added this time. Maybe a fix here or there, but mostly new guns.

"What new guns?" I hear you ask.

  • .357 magnums
  • .44 magnums
  • .500 magnum
    • [SPOILER="Smith and Wesson Model...

02-11-2016 Queue Server

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First thing to note, Halloween will only remain for one more day.

As many of you are aware, joining the server when it is peak time it can be very difficult, if not impossible for hours. So we have made a way to join to the server in a proper order so you will actually have a chance to do so. This means when we enable it, there will be a queue server in which you will first need to connect to, in which it will automatically put you into a queue to join the main server. In the top right it will display your current position in the queue and how many others are waiting. You will be unable to join directly to the main server while this is in effect. Upon someone leaving on the main server it will prompt the first player in the queue if they wish to join, this option is only valid for 2 minutes. If you choose to not take the slot or miss your chance it will not currently put you into the end of the queue, so if you wish to requeue you will have to reconnect to the server...

Halloween Update: 30/10/2016

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Halloween Update: 30/10/2016
Halloween stuff
  • Candy bars
  • Sick witch hat (Your personal hat will be back after Halloween)
  • Ability to grow pumpkins (seeds are bought at the bar)

New animations and models
  • Food and drinks are now displayed in your hand when you consume it
  • New soda model
  • Added handcuffs to the player while cuffed
  • Added glowsights to most weapons
  • Fixed glowy SWAT officers

Cell Phone
  • The open application is now visible...

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