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    About the " new player " apartments

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    About the " new player " apartments

    @Zepol fuck perp all my homies love monoforth
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    About the " new player " apartments

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    thank you

    thank you
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    Update Log (11/01/2021)

    A Updaten none asked for but a update we needed.
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    Police Punishments Overhaul

    Damn thats actually a good idea so new officers or anyone else can't abuse by giving over the limit. However what if the Officer lies and just selects the wrong charge ?
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    $2 Million Dollar Giveaway!

    ayyyyy lets goooooooooooo inshallah i win cause broke life rules me so i dont need to sweap the floor clean after raids xd
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    thehomelessdude's re-Introduction

    why did you get banned for metagaming permanently ? wtf ?
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    PERPHeads 2020 Community Awards - Vote!

    i see the biggest mingegrabber category is missing
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    Hahhahaha well yes

    Hahhahaha well yes
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    PERPHeads Secret Santa 2020

    i wish everybody a happy christmas its the roachs time to give something back
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    bye bye for another 3 months

    bye bye for another 3 months
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    Gun Jamming???

    @Collier what a could feature it would be that guns actually jam and if you press a button you rack the bolt to unjam it or in this case to feed another bullet into the chamber
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    My final goodbye

    @rogue damn you wanna eat mine too ?