3.4 explained by someone with 2 bans and 10 warnings for breaking it.

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3.4 Putting your Life at Risk
Any actions taken by a player that may put their In-Character life, freedom from imprisonment or general well being at risk must be done so in a realistic fashion and for beneficial reasons.

This rule is specifically relevant to the violation of any In-Character law, meaning that murders, thefts, etc, are all expected to be conducted realistically;

A common example of an unreasonable risk would be for a player to murder a Police Officer in order to avoid receiving a traffic ticket. The risk involved with the murder of a Police Officer is typically grossly disproportionate to the benefit of avoiding a traffic ticket. Another example would be for a player to walk on the highway without a justifiable reason.

Rule 3.4 is a rule which disallows players to carry out actions which carry dire consequences unless the benefit of said actions outweighs the risks and consequences of the action carried out.

Examples of actions that break 3.4 include:
- Refusing to comply with orders given by an armed individual under the direct, unobstructed threat of a weapon being used on you. This includes police, because despite policies disallowing the shooting of people who do not pose a direct threat to life, the policy is just a block of text and nothings actually stopping them from clicking mouse 1.
- Attempting to pull a weapon whilst under direct, unobstructed threat of a weapon being used on you if you do not comply.
- Murdering, or attempting to murder a police officer(s) to avoid a jail sentence for a non violent crime or a fine for a minor offence.
- Murdering, or attempting to murder a police officer(s) over them attempting to confiscate an illegally transported weapon.
- Committing a violent crime or a major theft in direct vicinity and view of an LEO.
- Committing a serious crime in a reckless manner that leaves police with a direct form of Identification, such as randomly kidnapping people unprovoked and demanding ransom money via 911 or adverts unless you are doing it to prevent an attempt to arrest you.
- Attempting to grab the attention of a police officer whilst warranted or believing you might be warranted and want confirmation of your warrant.
- Staying in direct vicinity of a property or area in which you have committed a crime at for longer than necessary unless you are attempting to conceal evidence of a crime, such as burning / hiding bodies, making medics dispose of the bodies, etc.
- Walking about on a public road where cars travel at high speeds, this includes the intersection, the highway, parker tunnel, and the city bridge. An exception for this is if you are fleeing an arrest or an attack.

Examples of situations where under 3.4 and 3.6, it would be best to not attempt to follow threat of a weapon and flee and / or use a weapon to fight back is:

- If the person gun pointing you has shot at you during or after giving a demand
- The person gun pointing you hasn't actually given any demands and is just standing there pointing a gun at you
- If you already had a weapon in passive when they began pointing a gun at you (Unless there's multiple of them and your equipped weapon is a weapon that's unlikely to take down all your attackers)
- If they're using a melee weapon, if there's a considerable distance between you and the person and / or there's enough space behind you for you to get a safer distance to pull your own weapon at.

Things to take into consideration when making a report or action request for 3.4 are:
- Did the alleged rule breaker know that he was in danger and should have complied. An example would be if someone pulls the gun the same time as you do.
- Does the alleged offender understand rule 3.4 fully? If not then the best course of action would be for the user to be spoken to by staff and explained to what he did wrong, rather than an outright ban or warning
- Did the action really cause you that much of an inconvenience to the point where you would like someone to be forcefully ejected from the server for a specific period of time?
- Are you entirely in the right yourself? Maybe you also broke a rule. Sure, this doesn't make it any better for them, but what if staff decide to take action against you for your own report?
- Sometimes its better to get in contact with the person and explain the situation and get there perspective, and maybe come to a mutual agreement between the offender and yourself, and I can tell you, it feels a lot better to deal with it like this.
- Are you in the right state of mind to debate and explain what you think the user did wrong? Are you still mad about it? Are you gonna say things to the alleged offender that aren't nice? Are you going to direct your anger towards the staff member dealing with the sit if he either decides not to take action or to make an action request?

Just a short, quick guide, as I see this rule broken almost daily without consequences and I would like any new and experienced users to take this advice to heart, Because lets face it, There's nothing fun or good about being banned from playing a game you enjoy.

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