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What rule do you wish to Edit/Add: 3.4 subsection/New rule about imprisonment

Your version of the rule: When committing a crime you must take into account the possible capture of yourself by the police and is it worth the risk.

For example: When you get pulled over and you are not wanted for anything you would pull over as it is not worth risking jail time over nothing.

Second example: You are wanted for murder and are about to violate a small traffic offense infront of a police officer. This would violate the rule.

Why do you believe this rule should be Added/Edited: At the moment, 3.4 covers a massive amount of roleplay aspects and I don't know about anyone else but I find it easier to remember rules rather than what's the wording inside the rule. So instead of 3.4 covering the imprisonment and risking your life, it just covers risking your life and this rule would cover imprisonment.

Feel free to add more to the actual rule part as I found it quite hard to put into words/think of how to write the rule.
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This is already generally classed under 3.4. "
Risks are deemed to be unreasonable when it can’t be appropriately and effectively justified"
This (although it doesn't directly say it) states and justify's your example(s) perfectly fine, i.e - Driving away from the police without any real reason to commit such an act. Also i agree with @John Daymon
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