AR // Ibraaa ~ Luke Jefferson

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United Kingdom
Your Steam/In-game Name: Nafe / Nathan Ross
His/Her Steam/In-game Name: @ibraaa / Luke Jefferson
His/Her SteamID: STEAM_0:1:202214913
Why Should This Player Be Punished:

1.1 - Clearly chose to insult me in LOOC after throwing a grenade at me. It's worth mentioning I did retaliate in OOC as I had already been having a bad day and this did not help, I wouldn't deny this and I have already received an OOC timeout for doing so, I can only apologise for retaliating. IN all fairness I'm happy to let this slide as I can see he's already received a warning for it but I felt like mentioning it anyway, as it clearly shows this was just an attack and not even an attempt to roleplay.

2.5 - For whatever reason, he chose to throw a grenade at me and kill me and try to blame it on "not trying to target me" despite me being the only one in that area apart from his friends and him clearly throwing it directly at me in the video. He had absolutely no reason to kill me as I had only joined the game and have never interacted with him IC since starting to play the server again recently.

Evidence (Demo Required):
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I was the responding officer to the place, and he claimed YOU were the one who threw the grenade. I easily found out that he had started shooting at several people, so it could have been a possible attempt for MassRDM, as it wasn't only you he attacked. But multiple people, idk what would've stopped him if it was because he realised I went around the corner and gunpointed him or whatever.
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Vienna, Austria
Hello Nafe,

as I have already stated in OOC about 2 times, it was clearly not meant for you, but it was meant for the people who owned the shop behind you. It clearly wasn't my intention to throw the grenade at you, it was just a reaction. I am sorry if you lost anything, however you had about 4 seconds time to ran off, but you clearly didn't which can be considered also as partial guilt. Sorry. Also, how can you prove that the "You are a retard" thing in LOOC was meant for you and not for someone else? Please prove otherwise.

Have a good day