Ban Apology (Admin Meeting)

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Punishment Type: Ban
Appeal Type: Apology
Which staff member issued the punishment?: Daymon
How long were you banned/blacklisted for?: Permanent

Your Steam Name: The Monolith!!! Sandner
Your Roleplay Name: Cant remember
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:13584348

Why were you banned/blacklisted?: causing problems, lying about health issues.

Why should this appeal be considered?: Hello Perpheads community. I would like to atleast explain and apologize for my actions I had done back in 2018. I'm not sure if anyone remembers since it's been 5 years now. I've been thinking about it a lot and I just wanted to get it off my chest.

So, how do i start?
This is a bit proper hard to explain for me as I found it really disgusting back then and even more sickening now. I don't even know how it all started, but it's better to start off with the truth I suppose. Back in 2018 I felt more lonely than ever, since I moved to a new school after being booted out of one, hence me being constantly on the PC was normal occurence, but I didn't have any real connection to any friends or so. I know that I wrote it for attention but I just went with it after since you know, you couldn't stop rolling with it, I couldn't just take it back as I knew what would happen, and I felt bad after deceiving so many people that put their trust in me, so I would like to atleast publicly apologize to the community, people that believed me and anyone else I have offended with this. It made me feel really sick in my stomach after I realized what I've done.

I just needed a break from the stuff happening around me. I sorted my irl stuff out now, and I feel like I have changed, so there's no way of this, or something similiar happening ever again. Now after 5 years after being a lot more mature, I shall take consenquences of my actions since I didnt bother to explain or volunteer to receive any of others actions taken against me. After playing for so long I decided to just drop it for this stupid reason and action. I also would like to apologize to any of the people that have suffered/or have a relative suffering the disease that I described and lied I was having, it was horrendous and shall not repeat ever again.

I would like to be taken to the community if possible, even if it means one more ban onto my account ( reaching total of 10 ) and getting banned FOREVER. I would like to have another try in playing PERP since I kinda miss it.

Additional Information: Thanks for the possible reading and possible answers,


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Czech Republic
I've been friends with him back then, and ignored him for like 4 years until now for what he did. I can tell you he actually changed if it's anyhow valid to this appeal.
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I met this guy a few days ago on Discord thru my friend, really chill dude. If he was a cunt years ago he changed for sure.