Ban Appeal!

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Appealing for: Ban / Blacklist
Appeal type: Apology
Which staff member banned you: Brinch/CONSOLE
How long were you banned for: 1. 24. Juli 2018 // 2. 07. Nov. 2019

Your Steam Name: TurboStrikeZ (Old Name: [PH] Prexistis)
Your In-game Name: Furkan Kallmann
Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:62967619

Why were you banned/blacklisted: Cheating/Evading
Why should this appeal be considered: First of all, I'm sorry for everything. I know my last appeal is not too long ago, but i wanted to try again. I obviously got banned for cheating. That case got closed as soon as i got Unbanned. At the same day, I got banned again for lying and Banevading. I know all of this was wrong from my side, but atleast I'm staying in contact with you. As a lot of player and staff knew, i loved playing on the server all day long, meeting up with friends, having fun with all the different members and so on.

Everything that happend while being banned for the first time, was done, because i got frustrated so much. I was addicted to perp and would love to be again. I spend so many hours on the server, building up friendships, raiding people, defending a raid on our properties or even being a part of the PLPD. I never had problems with the staff, had no rulebreaks, except the most stupid one: Cheating. I regred what i have done. Buying a cheat on the web to dominate the server with my friends. Help my organization to reach the top and be as effecient as possible. I know it was not right to do so and I would not do it again. I already convinced you once and it worked for the cheating part.

The problem i have to face is that I Banevaded after getting banned. I tryied to banevade with a total of 3 Accounts, if i remember right, but probably doesn't matter anyway. As i mentioned before i banevaded, because i got frustated. The Perp-Server was a part of my everyday life. After i got banned, i had to try everything to get back on the server. It almost felt like a satisfaction to banevade, because i had the opportunity to play with my loved friends. I made mistakes i should not have done. A lot of time past since i got banned and I'm still trying to get unbanned. I would love to play on the server again and proof, that i changed over the years. If it's not to much work for you, I would be ready to send you all my demos of every situation.

To summarize the Ban Appeal I am very sorry for all the mistakes i've done in the past. I disregarded the serverrules too often and would understand if i don't get a chance anymore. But still i loved love to play again, check out the new people and try to grow as a whole new person. I've grown up as you could imagine. I am older now.

I hope you understand my side of view and maybe, JUST maybe this Ban Appeal gets Accepted. I wish everyone who reads this a good time.
Love you
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