Being able to throw empty bottles.

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Topic: Being able to throw empty bottles.

Short explanation (in notes):
- The empty bottle can be used as a "Long" ranged weapon.
- Nothing can stop me from throwing this bottom at this Computer right? Why isn't it in the game.

Detailed description (why should it become added/...):
Well I personally would of thought this was already implemented into the game but it appears not to be, So I am here to suggest it. So far the Empty bottle can be used as a Mixture and a weapon. It's classed as a melee weapon quite like a baseball bat. But what if you could throw it? Make it a both short and long ranged weapon. I think it should always break on impact even if it was a hit or not.

Optional additions:
- The more strength you have the more damage it does (Thanks to @Pusheen For this Idea)
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I'd definitely love to see this being implemented, as i usually drink alot of beer ingame *lel*. It could also be a useful addition to the weaponry, just for scenarios like "Err ma gawwwd, we ran out of ammo! Let's throw damn bottles at these raiders!!"

Thanks for suggesting this, buddy!