Bug Reports Posting Guidelines

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Bug Reports Posting Guidelines
This section of the forums to allow users to report bugs easily.

Please follow the following guidelines when posting:
  • Bugs that can be dangerously exploited should be sent to a member of the staff team privately instead of posting here​
  • Check the forums and github pages for previously reported bugs before posting​
  • Include as much detail as you can, so the bug can be reproduced on a development server​
  • Don't create or reply to bug report if you have nothing constructive to contribute​
If you've seen a bug that someone else has posted, you can help us fix it by:
  • You can provide evidence and timestamps of another concurrence
  • Can provide steps on how to reproduce that are not already in the thread

A reminder of rule 2.3:
2.3 Bugs and Glitches
The abuse and/or exploitation of a bug/glitch will not be tolerated; any player who experiences and/or who is aware of a bug/glitch must report it either to an administrator or on the forums.
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