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First of all I would like to thank @Fredy for the opportunity. If it wasn't apparent before now I have been appointed as Chief of Department following Collier being removed from the position, I would have liked to gain this position under better circumstances however I fully intend on giving it my all from here. This appointment does bring my resignation from server administration.

I am currently trying to assess the full situation in order to prioritise what needs done and I aim to have a proper post up relating to what SMT and I will be looking into for the future soon however for now I will give the main tasks at hand.

First thing to be done is transferring ownership of anything PD related from @Samuel as this was a big task to be done that was unfortunately forgotten about.
I will also then be looking into restarting the BlueDuck project for with the intention of progressing with the already proposed PD changes
Upon those 2 tasks being relatively out of the road I will progress with the further plans that are to be released in due time.

I know there has been a lot of questions regarding a PD "Election" of some sort and right now I can't comment on if there are any plans there.

Finally I would like to thank @Collier for his long standing service to the department and generally just being a great guy

I would heavily advise anyone who has questions relating to my appointment as CoD or just about the PD in general to contact me directly. This applies to anything relating to SMT as well due to our upcoming meeting this weekend.

Chief of Department
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