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Background Information

The Diablos, a gang that originated in Miami Beach FL was created by Trayvon Tay after he was dispelled from Miami all due to a warrant for the murder of a rival gang member. He came into Paralake looking to begin a new story accompanied with some good friends which is when they made their Criminal Organization, Los Diablos. The main focus of the gang was to become the kingpins of Paralake as it seemingly had no leader in the Underground criminal world. Another focus aside from building a strong rep was to earn money, and LOTS of it. Within 1 year, Los Diablos was running the streets and had gained massive street cred. With all of this newly gained power, they had loads of influence, especially on politicians and magistrates who acted in their favor; Just like other civilians of Paralake.

The Diablos are strict followers of the Code of Omertà, any failure to abide by this code will result in an immediate boot from the organization.

Everyone in this organization will serve a purpose, anyone who is sitting around in the organization and is not actively contributing will be kicked. This will be to maintain a low-medium member count and have general quality control.

We do not yet have a designated uniform/attire but all updates will be posted on this organization page.

The org page is actively under construction, check back regularly for updates.

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