[G.S ST1]

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[Gast Alley/Shady ST]

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Grave Side Is a gang originating from Gast Alley and Shady ST. | These streets and Slums estate are the combined product to form
'GraveSide'. We chill in these ends, if anyone steps up or gets loud, they'll be dealt with. We don't hesitate to back our tings out and shiv you.

And we certainly don't mind a fight.

Credits to @FatGeorge for the Idea and concept.

'A friend of an Opp Is a Opp'
Applications will open soon for those who would like to participate and be in the org.
Maximum members: 8.

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Graveside has won the war against the ‘IRL roadmen’ from the #450 Loose-O’s.

With this, our organisation has gone through a uniform change and will now accept allies to expand our unit.


Thank you to everyone for taking us half seriously, we initially set up to fight the Loose-O’s but it went south and they got Perma banned. Thanks for the support and all on forums and In game and/or OOC.

Applications are now open properly and a max of 11 people will be allowed to join.