Google chromes ban appeal

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Obviously not mine, posted on behalf of google gnome

Appealing for: Ban
Appeal type: Apology
Which staff member banned you: @Royhb
How long were you banned for: 1 month( I think auto ban due to too many warnings or some shit)

Your Steam Name: google chrome
Your In-game Name: -
Your Steam ID: -

Why were you banned/blacklisted: 1.1 calling a guy bad words
Why should this appeal be considered: I've learned my lesson and wont ever be toxic on the forums again! I'm truly reformed human being from now on and wont ever be toxic or mean to anyone I just want to be able to use the forums again so I can spend my time and check the forums/updates and more in my free time! This is my first ever forum unban appeal and its because I know that im truly reformed and wont ever be mean to anyone please forgive me Royhb and the guy that I offended. :(

Additional Comment(s): Please forgive me Im really sorry for my actions!
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