Server Suggestion /rc chat (and similar) change for civilians

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North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Suggestion Title: /rc chat (and similar) change for civilians
Suggestion Description: Make it so that civilians can see incoming roadcrew worker messages for 2 minutes after using /rc. Another way to contact RC via chat and know if they've even acknowledged your existence without having to call 565 and using the text chat feature if you don't want to talk

Optional additions:
-Inlude the same feature for /courier and /taxi;/cab
-Pull up the phone the same way you do when typing in /org to indicate that you're talking with someone instead of doing some sick psychokinesis.

Why should this be added?:
-Would make sense to include.

What negatives could this have?:
-A magical way to communicate with people through your mind.
-Would include Roadcrew messages that aren't related for you at all (Other people needing help, Police)