Restarting Blueduck - Developer Recruitment

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Restarting Blueduck - Developer Recruitment​

Dear colleagues,

This announcement brings exciting news regarding the future development of as well as the opening of three new vacancies within the Department. Following the appointment of @Dank to the role of Head of Development Services, discussions were held regarding the future of and how it should look. An agreement has now been struck between the Office of the Chiefs of Department and Development Services with the following mission:
The development of Version 1 of Blueduck, the previously planned replacement for Vanillabear, will be restarted with the goal of not only completing the outstanding work but also rolling it out to to finally complete the planned overhaul.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the Department as well as the wider community, so we are extremely thankful to both @Dank and @McGlinchy for offering to restart development and take on this project which had long been considered abandoned and mothballed permanently. To assist them with the project, we are recruiting three new Junior Developers to join the Department on a temporary basis. The work that is required to be undertaken will be a range of both core and non-core delegations, consisting of front-end and back-end work. This will require new code to be written, refinements of current codes and bug finding/fixing.

The requirements for the role are as follows:
  • Experience in both HTML and CSS, with 1 year or more experience of PHP development work; and​
  • Experience in Laravel and/or Symfony; and​
  • To be available for 6+ hours of development time a week; and​
  • Ability to work to stipulated deadlines with a SCRUM/Waterfall reporting model.​
There will be a screening process in the Stage 1 of the application, followed by an interview on TeamSpeak 3 with @Dank and @McGlinchy. If you have a pre-existing portfolio or examples of previous work undertaken, it would be greatly appreciated if you could submit this alongside your application by contacting them directly.

If you are interested in applying for this role, then please apply through the Careers Tab on

If you do not have the required experience or the required time commitment to this project then it is preferred that you do not send an application, as you may be subsequently removed from the project and not considered for future development roles.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the post or anything else discussed here then get in-touch with Development Services via the Helpdesk.

Kind regards,

Office of the Chiefs of Department
Development Services​
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