Server Events: 22/01/2017 - Sunday 1PM Onwards - GMT +0

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Hey everyone,
You guys all know what time it is, tomorrow we will be hosting a few events for you guys to take part in, prizes will be given out for winners of each event. We hope you can all make it and can't wait to see you all there!
TIME: 1:30PM
WINNER: @Nade Alardin

Description: People that participate in the event will be placed on top of a 6x6 wooden platform which is above the sea at the beach. A staff member will be below the platform and every 10 seconds or so, 1 at a time a wooden platform will be removed, now obviously if you're standing on the platform that is removed, you will fall into the sea. The last man standing will win the prize.

TIME: 2:30 PM
Bat Battle

Description: An area for the event is chosen by the staff team before the event then some construction will take place to make it look like more of a war zone. Everybody who would like to participate in the event will be taken to the location and put into a queue where they will receive their bat, they will also be screened for any bandages/stimpacks, they're not allowed in the event and they will be taken from you. Once everybody is given a bat, you will be instructed to start then the last three standing will be the winners. We also have the choice to do a teamed bat battle.


TIME: 5:00PM
EVENT: Glass Co & Parker Raid
Raiders win!

@Momo With 4 kills
@Sagittarius With 4 kills
@Skudist With 0 kills

Prize: The surviving participants on the winning team receive $75,000 each.
$5,000 per kill any player gets

Description: People are split into two teams, both teams are given an arsenal of weapons. The defending team will be given a dump of props and all the Premium members of the team will be able to build the defenses. They will be given around 5-10 minutes to build and Staff Members will constantly be checking to make sure its all placed within the rules. When the defending team have finished building and are in position, the attacking team will be let go. People on the attacking team will get a few flashbangs and some crowbars/bobby pins. The final team standing wins.​
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United Kingdom
Even though I died 2nd in the raid event, literally seconds after it started after waiting 30 minutes, the others were fun and the bat battle was cooler in the park (probably because it was a bigger place), would love to see a EB110 race again on the highway in the next event maybe :booty: