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  • Hello, would you happen to know if weather effects are making a comeback? I saw that you mentioned that it would be a pain to reimplement them if chosen to do so.
    This looks 100000000000000x better and please add it to the normal model? it's already been done. especially for the most expensive car in the game.
    Hey man, since you're working on cars and textures a lot lately, can something like this be possible as well, from a technical standpoint that is? Thanks : )
    Not really, given how lighting works in Source and how we have to manipulate values to fake a day/night cycle, having pure white would mean at times it gets entirely blown out and the car becomes nothing but white with no other detail. That's why even at the lightest it stays a light grey, so then when it is at fullest brightness it maintains some details. Vice versa for black values.
    While this is closer than you generally would be to someone's face, what do you guys think if I try upscaling the face textures (and maybe others as needed)? It won't fix the geometry issues with droopy eyes or talking chins, but it can at least make things look a bit cleaner.
    TDM material fixes are going live. I also completed some other things that you may notice right away and some others are upcoming, as I was going to push some extra changes, but I noticed there are a number of things waiting in the wings for a larger update so those will wait until then. If there are really bad ones, please let me know but I tried to ensure it all is as good as I can reasonably do.
    Well after an insane amount of hours I have finally completed the list. So I will maybe do some extra touches to things, but vehicle materials update will be pushed out for this weekend, so happy August everyone when it comes!
    While it's not practical for me to do at this time as it's a ton of steps to do (more than I already do for just fixing what there is now), I have done a bit of testing to make a couple car's rim textures much nicer. Here is a preview of the results on the Nissan 350Z. So if some are really bad I will do them after I finish material update.
    For anyone that owns the Holden HSV W427 (the one with the red interior) how important is it that the interior stay red?
    Status Report, I have done several more now, but I still have just about exactly 100 vehicles to go (~50 done) but as it's a ton of editing, saving, converting to a usable format, replacing, viewing, and then repeating; there's no real predictable pattern I can find as to when it produces either a green or reddish tint because of the format's compression it means it's slow. Keeping at it though.
    If after I have finished doing the rework of all materials with cars and you see any major material flaws or greenish areas (see below) please let me know as I'm trying to fix a bunch of mistakes made by TDM when he originally set this all up. I'm also exploring changes to fix some other texture flaws or pixelated grossness that I may be able to improve.
    Vehicle material update: The order isn't perfect, done with Aston Martin, Audi, BMW and Bugatti. Some vehicles may look bit different than before, but I am doing my best to keep them nice as best I can. I also am improving some textures as I see fit, but this adds a ton of time so I may not do this for all but I can come back to it later.

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