Update Log - 21/05/2018

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Update Log - 21/05/2018

Hey guys, today's update is mainly focused on bug fixes and and balance changes. Many issues with the new drug system have been addressed, if you have any more suggestions please post them below.
Gameplay Changes
  • You can no longer purchase the farm due to balancing issues. It will be used in the future to grow different items
  • You can now order from the courier with money you have in your bank
Bug Fixes
  • Dropping items when holding them is now easier
  • Zip ties no longer constantly notify you for no reason
  • You now drop equipped grenades on death
  • Dying with an active grenade in your hand drops an active grenade on the ground
Drug System
  • Increased the distance you can harvest the plants from
  • Decreased cocaine yield
  • Decreased the price of cannabis seeds
  • Added a button to harvest all ready plants
  • Added a button to pause the growth of plants so they don't die in raids