Update Log - 10/03/2018

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Today's update is a big one and it touches something that hasn't really changed since the very release of Perpheads: Drugs, specifically the planted ones, i.e. Marijuana and Cocaine.

We completely revamped the current system while trying not to overwhelm the community with a very hard to use system.

The changes include:

  • Single pots lose their ability to grow drugs in; they are now merely a container to be used in bigger planter boxes. The model has also been updated to match a real planting pot
  • The big pots have been repurposed into basic planter boxes
    • Basic planters are supposed to give everyone a growing experience that closely resembles the way it was before.
    • Instead of crafting a ready to go pot, with some plant in it you now place down an empty planter first
      • Then you look at the planter and water it using a regular water bottle from your inventory
      • After that you look at the planter again and use a seed in the inventory
      • Then the seeds will grow and you'll eventually end up with something like this:
      • As you can also see you can harvest the plants after any time by pressing E on the item
  • There is also a more complex but more profitable version of a planter box. It functions very similar to the basic plants with a few exceptions.
    • It has the capacity to grow 6 plants, but it requires pots to be put into it, which can be taken by raiders
    • Instead of watering the planter using simple water bottles, it has a 30L water tank that can be filled at a fresh water source (currently only the lakes). The water tank will slowly empty so be sure to keep a replacement around since you don't want your plants to die because there's no water. The water tank can be bought at the poisson fish shop.
    • Each plant has an optimal watering rate where it grows the quickest, but it can be overwatered slightly to give a faster growing rate at the cost of a lot ofadditional water being used. Too much or too little water will either make the plant grow very slowly or even make it die.
    • There's two addons to the planter box: A radiator and a light pole which both give a static boost to plant growth. These addons cannot be taken by raiders.
  • Growing plants changed slightly too
    • Since you can only have one planter spawned now (two as premium), which means you can only grow a maximum of 6/12 plants at a time, the yield of a weed/cocaine plant has been doubled
    • Seeds are now much more expensive ($600 rather than $200), partly due to the fact that one seed is now twice as profitable, and to encourage growing your own seeds/buying them cheaper from other players.
    • There are now 5 different phases of the plant growing
      • Initial: If you harvest the plant early enough you get your seeds back.
      • Growing: You will either get none, or barely any product
      • Ready: This is when you want to pick where you
      • Flowering: A phase where the product slowly dies but some seeds are generated
      • Seeding: The last usable phase, you get no product but a lot of seeds
      • Dying: The plant dies and you get barely any seeds if you harvest. Link to gif showing plants dying: https://gfycat.com/PointlessDistortedChimpanzee
  • One big difference to the old system is that planter boxes cannot be taken by raiders anymore. This is due to the fact that it would be very annoying (and expensive) having to recraft your nicely adjusted crafting box every time you get raided. The only exception to this is the police, who can still confiscate your entire rig, as long as it has illegal plants in it.
  • The drug product models have been updated
  • There is now a piano ingame that can be spawned by admins. A fully usable version where you can also try and learn playing the piano will follow soon
  • Many models have been updated:

Touching the drug system is always going to be a very tricky thing, since it is the top ingame money income people rely on. I hope we managed to find a way to keep the drug system very simple to use for people who just want to powergrow (using the basic planter), while allowing people who are willing to put in more effort a way to grow drugs more efficiently/faster.

This same planter system will also be used in a future update to allow more legal ways of making money, by growing legal crops and selling them.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this system feel free to post in this thread. We are fully aware that we might have to tweak/balance some things slightly, so any such input would be great in this thread.
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Best part of the update is the fucking piano.
No AFK growers and an actual system where you work instead of sitting there half asleep at 4am..
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Well rip afk growing.
AFK growing actually still works the same as before, only when you use the better planter box you have to pay a bit more attention.

Holy fuck, I love it

But can you get mugged for the planters radiators lights etc? if you are stupid enough to carry them that is
If you have them on you, then of course you can be mugged for them. But they can't be taken out of the planter by raiders.