Update Log - 29/10/2018

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Update Log - 29/10/2018

A slightly delayed log for the update this morning. Almost every change was from the bugs page or from the ideas and suggestions forum, so keep the bugs and ideas coming!

Hopefully I fixed more things than I broke.
  • Improved organization storage logs.
  • Government issued fire extinguishers can be found in police trunks.
  • Drug planter boxes can be be labeled.
  • Cooked fish now make you feel even less hungry.
  • The mixture menu can now be searched.
  • Replaced the Police Computer Reprimands tab with the new Employees tab.
  • Water tank filling failure message is now more informative.
  • Phone ringtones are no longer as loud.
  • The shooting range can no longer get foggy.
  • Dragging suspects now forces them into vehicles when dragged by passengers.
  • Life alert locations are now more informative.
  • Fixed incorrect life alert locations for vehicle passengers.
  • Fixed typo in panic restrictions text.
  • Fixed bug where tasers didn't need reloading.
  • Fixed going up when crippled and in noclip
  • Fixed dragging while sprinting
  • Fixed players closing the rear police door.
  • Fixed being able to punch at the same time as pushing.
  • Fixed battering rams moving doors towards the player.
  • Fixed being to order too much food from the courier.
  • Fixed the bank vault getting confused by staff members.
  • Fixed mayor resign message on assassination.
  • Fixed melee weapons not always being classes as weapons.
  • Fixed ambulance seat legs.
  • ... Halloween, brought to you by @Fredy and @ayjay ツ

Thanks to @Creepis, @jimmythehamster, @McGlinchy and more...
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Replaced the Police Computer Reprimands tab with the new Employees tab.
I like this, however - what was the cause of removing supervisors authorization/availability to remove officer's vehicles?
when RC isn't on? Not available? When they're meeming? Supervisors didn't abuse this. Instead, re-add this where it would give you the supervisors name if they do revoke it. Same with demotions.

Much better than we are available to do it rather than having to deal with bullshit
Went on the Employees Tab and demoted someone and an error came up, fucked up my whole thing. Don't know if this was just me, also staff can still move CCTV Cameras and it fucks up for Dispatch.

[ERROR] gamemodes/perp/gamemode/modules/bonemerging/cl_bonemerging.lua:37: Tried to use a NULL entity!
1. SetMoveType - [C]:-1
2. Reattach - gamemodes/perp/gamemode/modules/bonemerging/cl_bonemerging.lua:37
3. unknown - gamemodes/perp/gamemode/modules/bonemerging/cl_bonemerging.lua:65