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Forums and Discord Update - 17/02/2021

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I have noticed that as a community we do not actually interact with each other in a positive manner a lot of the times on the forums, we tend to be making Action Requests or taking part in discussions which can get quite heated. As a way of encouraging community interaction, I have, with the help of @Collier and @Tyla Jai reworked the entirety of the forum ranks and added a bunch of trophies to encourage engagement and community content.

Ranks & Trophies

The ranks are now ordered as follows:
Sweater‌ ‌-‌ ‌0‌ ‌Points​
Rookie‌ ‌Member‌ ‌-‌ ‌75‌ ‌Points​
Novice‌ ‌Member-‌ ‌150‌ ‌Points​
Junior‌ ‌Member‌ ‌-‌ ‌250‌‌ ‌Points​

Thriving‌ ‌Member‌ ‌-‌ ‌300‌ ‌Points​
Respected‌ ‌Member‌ ‌-‌ ‌350‌ ‌Points​
Noble‌ ‌Member‌ ‌-‌ ‌400‌...​

Regarding 1.2 (Discrimination)

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Thank you to @GrandadPyjamas for bringing this issue to my attention. @Bolli and I have decided some changes need to be made.

Race in recent years has obviously become a contentious topic, more so than ever. Obviously, prior to this we have allowed it under the guise of "roleplay". But when it comes to the point at which we have members of racial minorities being scared to use their real names out of fear of being racially abused "in-character" then we have an issue. No one in this community should feel uncomfortable as a result of their identity, racially or otherwise. In line with this rhetoric, we have updated the rule 1.2 to cover in-character acts of discrimination:

Any form of discrimination is not tolerated in an out-of-character context. Racism and homophobia are not tolerated in-character. Other forms of discrimination, whereas discouraged, are allowed...

Changes to Helper

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Hey everyone,

Following a large amount of discussion with members of Administration and the Staff Team, we have decided to put the following changes to the Helper role forward effective later today:
  • The Helper rank including all people holding it has been transferred to the community team under the jurisdiction of the Community Manager. The Administration Team will still have involvement in decisions regarding the role, but these will be spearheaded by myself.​
  • The rank will be stripped of its blacklist permissions, and users holding the rank are no longer expected to perform basic moderation. Its remaining permissions are for support purpose only.​
  • Helper applications will now be handled by the Community Manager and two Administrators.​
  • Helpers will maintain their access to the staff TeamSpeak channels...​

Clarifying the purpose of Helper

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After the admin meeting yesterday I feel like I should set out the guidelines and expectations for Helper. Helper is not a route to Enforcer. The purpose of the role is to help, you can do this via helping via help or finding new players (Of which we have a large influx). Helper can be a good way to see if you would enjoy the role of Enforcer+ however it is not held to nearly the same standard as Enforcer.

When looking at Helper applications it is looked at whether the role will be beneficial to the server, whether it will be helping new players by being able to identify them easier, how active you are in OOC and help chat and if you have an overall positive impact on the server when you play.

When looking for Enforcers the administration team look at whether you would a good moderator in future, how you have demonstrated rule knowledge and your ability to comprehensively enforce rules, if you would be a good fit...

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