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Happy Halloween!

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Though I'm not sure what there's to be happy about. Humanity is on the verge of collapse, zombies are starting to infest our cities, Paralake included! Stock up on your guns, ammo, grenades, any type of firearm you can get your hands on, it's not safe out there! If you're not careful you might end up a victim to this plague yourself. If you see a zombie be sure to aim for the head. Sure some may go down easy but believe me, not all zombies are the same. We need to all band together and convince this new Police Board lead by @Jordan that firearms are a necessary tool in wiping out this zombie scourge! No one will be eating our brains today! Again word from all other cities dealing with this pandemic suggest that aiming for the head is the best bet to stop these suckers. Let's hope we don't have to deal with them for too long and this is all a bad experiment that the government cleans up soon.

On a more positive note I suppose, available only for Halloween...

01-10-2015 Update log

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The update everyone has been asking for, for the longest time! Updated storage! Now you can find any item you may have never seen since that one time you had it out but then had returned to you. Enjoy it!


Features include:
  • Items are sorted by category type, then alphabetical by item name
  • Personal inventory weight indicated at bottom of panel
  • Name of the item mouse is hovered over at the top center of the window
  • Scroll bar if you have too many items to show on one side
  • Search box for finding a specific item by name, searches both sides
  • Left click - withdraw 1
  • Right click - withdraw 5
  • Drag and drop - transfer up to 100 items at once either way (limited by weight, category limit, etc.)
  • Number in inventory indicated in bottom right of item box
  • Ammo boxes are withdrawn by the most full box to least full

Server Events: 27/09/15 - Sunday GMT+0

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Server Events: 27/09/15 - Sunday GMT+0

Hello there guys! So, the results are in and the events listed below will be the ones being hosted on Sunday. Hope to see you all there!


TIME: 5:00PM

EVENT: Beach Derby

Description: People that would like to participate in the event will be instructed to take their cars to the beach. A platform is built which is erected above the sea, same place as the 6x6 event. One by one, people will start having their cars brought up to the platform by a staff member and everyone will be placed next to each other and the same on the other sides of the platform. When the go ahead is given, everybody then just unleashes into each other until there is only one car left on the platform.

WINNER: @jjjackier

TIME: 6:00PM

EVENT: Bat Battle

Description: An area for the event is chosen by the staff...​

13-09-2015 Update log

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Smallish update that has some big changes involved but nothing that radically changes the entire gamemode. I will underline the biggest change in my opinion that will take some getting used to.
  • Big drugs if lost in a server crash will now restore large pots instead of 5 small pots
  • Courier job can now unlock/open their warehouse
  • Admin tool fixed (staff feel free to ask me for more detail)
  • Binoculars now show in hand, it's not perfect like cuffs and such but it works well enough
  • Voice/text chat in water disabled (OOC type messages obviously still work but not recommended as you can still drown)
  • A lot of police gear except for items that an officer would have directly on their belt is now an item that must be equipped. (e.g. binoculars, roadspikes, battering ram, etc)
  • Remote explosives are now craftable using an explosive, cell phone, electronics chip, and glue. When placed it will text you with a 5-digit number to call. This number upon being...

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