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25-07-2015 Update log

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Alright well some of you might've seen on my profile page here on the forums that I took a bit of a hiatus from working on things for the server as it's felt nonstop and it was effecting other areas of my life. However before then I did do a few more things that I am going to release for this weekend, fingers crossed I didn't make any mistakes that are too extreme. Here it is in a nutshell though.

  • Bound acts (in F1 menu) don't play while typing in chat or in other windows
  • Panic button has 30 second cooldown to prevent spam (as several people were likely to do if they had it bound to a key)
  • Misdemeanor ticket now gives reason window when ticketing car like it did before while on foot
  • Option to refuse ticket is gone, as before review this section of the laws if you are unfamiliar with your rights.
  • Tickets now go into inventory instead of instant withdrawals and keep the price the ticket was issued at...

11-07-2015 Update log

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Whoo-hoo it's that time again, hope you're ready for some changes! Some may prove popular, other ones not so much but it is what it is. Only a few of them may I revert depending on the results of what happens or the level of abuse.

    • Disabling a vehicle no longer immediately ejects all occupants whether it was from an accident, being shot, running people over, etc.
    • Driver exiting a disabled car ejects all other occupants (yes this may result in people getting stuck in each other with some vehicles, but not much can be done about that)
    • Shooting a vehicle (in order of outcomes) will first puncture tires, then disable vehicle, if driver remains in a vehicle after being disabled they will take damage from each subsequent shot.
    • As an occupant of a vehicle that crashes not only does this stun you, but it also now deals damage directly to you. (This may sometimes deal more damage than it should but again, we don't control how...

PerpHeads | 2 Years Running

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As the Community has just celebrated its 2 year anniversary we thought we’d make this thread to commemorate this milestone. To start off here’s a piece from @StephenPuffs about the community’s history and how the server came to be:

Perpheads was derived from Jarheads which was the name of an organization all 4 owners (Fredy, Xquality, Tanges, and myself) met and played as for quite some time on a different server and since we all loved how PERP was, and that ****heads usually means you're a fan of something, and perp also meaning criminals which PERP is kind of based off of, Perpheads made perfect sense.

That server eventually decided to stop and we all still had each other added from Steam. After a number of months the owners of the old server (VS3 for those interested) contacted Xquality asking if he would have any interest in them relaunching, which he said yes to and...

Update - 06/07/2015: 70 player slots

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Why hello there guys!

You might be aware from @Fredy's update post earlier in the week. The server has been upgraded: In result of this, we thought it might be a good idea to see how the server would manage with 10 extra players on the server, so as of today the server is now up to 70 slots. However this may not be permanent, we want to make sure that it doesn't make a significant impact on performance. We'll be posting back on this thread tonight on the verdict if we'll be keeping it or not!

Have a good one!

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