04/09/2017 Update Log

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04/09/2017 Update Log

The couch and sofa props ingame can now finally be used to actually sit down:

And as a small bonus, we made the bed work too:

Additionally, all of the broken radio stations were swapped out for working ones, and we also got a few new ones:
  • 86.1 Eurobeat The Meat FM (@JC Denton)
  • 90.2 Retrowave
  • 98.8 TeaTime FM
  • 105.7 I Love Radio

And adjusted a few things with the new courier job:
  • Courier is not getting paid by the city anymore, instead all of the NPC deliveries were made more frequent and pay out more money
  • The amount of NPC contracts now gets scaled by amount of couriers
  • Players do not require a car to join courier anymore
  • Players can not order food items when they have more than 20 food items already on them
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@John Daymon
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Thanks for the update, with the new courier job could you be looking into a supply and demand system?

Also there is a minor bug with courier where sometimes when you put a npc package in the van the price changes yet it still pays out 10% of the original price.