Update Log - 26/09/2018

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Update Log - 26/09/2018

It's time for a major update (kind of)... The majority of the updates are bug fixes, but I've included a few little extras for your enjoyment!

There are also some changes for the staff, but nobody cares about getting promoted to staff, so I won't list them.
  • Added customisation preview to the Car Dealer
  • Added ability to toggle the flash on the camera
  • Added a front limo seat
  • Props can be picked up while standing in shallow water
  • Readded the fire engine skins
  • Players now get in the nearest available passenger seat
  • Updated radio stations
  • Added Police Broadcast (/pbc or /policebroadcast, requires a certain rank)
  • Added Courier chat (/courier, works the same as Roadcrew)
  • Added new police ranks
  • Added respawn timer
  • All Officers can now use the trunks of their cars
  • Fixed some police salaries and increased some of the rank mulitpliers
  • Fixed flashbangs not working with some props
  • Fixed C2 not destroying garage doors properly
  • Fixed invisible boats at docks
  • Fixed dispatch ragdoll CCTV bug
  • Fixed police profile pictures not getting updated properly
  • Fixed ragdolled players not taking damage
  • Fixed some melee weapons not finishing people off
  • Fixed bank transactions sometimes not appearing
  • Fixed recoil of rifles with built in stocks
  • Fixed being able to holster crowbars while stealing cars
  • Fixed organisation storage from chests not always working
  • Fixed dispatch being able to go TFU
  • Fixed being able to fire multiple taser rounds without reloading
  • Fixed some police car horns being inconsistent
  • Fixed staff being able to remove mirrors
  • Fixed Sergeants not having the Supervisor text
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> Can now use trunk as SO TFU
> Pay went from 133$ to 156$ after tax
> Respawn timer so I can know how long to go AFK for

me like update
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