Update Log - 26/09/2018

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Yes but since there is no policy stating i cant give my normal equipment to other officers cant i just spawn a car and let em have my shotgun?
Someone needs to read through the policies...

2.5 The shotgun may only ever be used by officers ranked Corporal or above.

Policy Use of the Remington Shotgun. It's even under General Policies..
[Israelis will rate dumb because they don’t know what a fucking ‘dumb’ means.]

if you wanted to be cop that bad you'd just use your mic
I don’t want brainless dummies running around on duty not giving me information and taking a lifetime to type out shit mid shootout.
remove the mic policy yes
Mic policy has more too it and it’s intended to help yourself and other officers in terms of communication. Removing the mic policy will give the PD more problems on top of their heads just like the un whitelisted 80% of officers running around and giving no fucks.
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