10-07-2017 Update Log

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After a long while of waiting, along with teasers in the shoutbox, Paralake V4 is finally here. This update includes a number of map changes, along with new clothing, models and police updates!

Map Changes:

  • One of the bigger map changes which was highly requested is the addition of the old V1 Office building, with a few changes such as a fire escape and a new exterior.

  • The Regals Apartment has a newly added fire escape, adding one more entrance/exit to the apartment complex.

  • Road textures have been updated to a fresh, clean and smooth look.

  • Slums apartments has recieved an extended car park, adding more spaces.

  • A creepy alleyway has been added behind the slums apartment, and also behind the
    fire department to add another exit to it.

  • The puffer mart now has a back door, adding one more door to the building.

  • The business shops now has a parking area to the left side of it, so you don't have
    to take the journey over the road to the bazaar parking.

  • The suburbs fences has recieved a new fence texture.

  • The farm hut, and a hick town trailer have been removed.
Character updates

  • New player models join the old ones, to allow you to customize your look even more.

  • New clothing such as sweaters, latex gloves, berets, beanies, etc.

  • New models such as watches, glasses, beanies, etc.

  • A new interactive way to customize your players clothing.
Other Updates
  • TFU skinned Land Rover added and now spawnable by TFU.

  • New officer and TFU models / skins.

  • General lighting altered and brightened in areas such as the regals.

  • New loading screen images.
Some screenshots of the new features:

We hope that you're enjoying the update, please note if you do experience any
bugs or issues, head over to the bug tracker and submit an issue. Some things
prepared which haven't been released this time around, will be released in the very near future.

This update was actually supposed to be released on july the 5th, which was the 4 year anniversary of PERPHeads. Unfortunately due to time constraints this just wasn't possible, but I still hope you'll enjoy the update now.

A few people who helped with the update:
@Xquality for making all the new models
@StephenPuffs for helping with the code
@AyJay for writing this update post, making the new loading screens and much more
@D3V for being a nerd
@Walker for making the TFU land rover skin
@roxie for making PLN (which will be released soon)
@Carrot for modeling accessories
@DutchAero for making a trailer for V4
And probably many more who I forgot (message me if I did)
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An incredible update which might not be perfect, but the sheer dedication and time put in by the development team is pretty amazing. Pushing the boundaries of whats already been achieved by each update, hopefully they'll be a lot more of these to come.

John Daymon

could probably buy your whole family.

Great update overall, bit sad to not see any cars being added though, it's a huge addition to the server in general in my eyes. I don't think I'm the only one who wants other cars than the current ones we have.

But overall, greatly appriciate the update.
I have found a fix to the crashing problem. When you join the queue server it automaticlly installs the V3 map rather than the V4 map. ASeems like the workshop/Fast DL has not been changed.
I really like the san-andreas references
big smoke

also loving people running around dressed as CJ too lmao

Jokes aside, great update perhaps the clothes need a bit of a tweak but that's expected from a newly released update. Thankyou and good work! PS: please fix constant lag spikes.

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Overall, this update has been great, there's been some problems, but what update doesn't have them. Generally its been fantastic despite the map not being that different it does feel like a completely new game.
I would like to thank @Xquality @Fredy @StephenPuffs for the incredible work they put into this update. Of course there's rumours of another update which I'm quite excited to see.
I hope that everyone is as pleased with this update as much as me.

John Daymon

could probably buy your whole family.

Massive thank you to the development team. Great update that has been long awaited. Slightly laggy with a few script errors but I'm not really bothered!
I agree, even though the lag can be very annoying at times I still love the gameplay that the updates bring out, everyone wants to explore the new stuff and is generally happy about the update in general even though a few things are slightly broken/causes script errors