Update Log - 27/05/2018

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Update Log - 27/05/2018
Today's update is mainly focused on revamping the new phone as well as releasing new server events.

Full changes:
  • New phone model, now based on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, (Thanks @Hendricks for helping with the texture)
  • New phone model: (Thanks @Carrot, @StephenPuffs)
  • New minesweeper app with 4 different difficulty settings (most only available on certain resolutions because screen size limitations)
  • Customizable wallpapers (Wallpapers should be in 2:1/18:9 aspect ratio)
  • New event: Parker Raid
  • Bank robbery readded (this time for real)
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The new phone looks pretty slick, ngl I thought the camera wasn't meant to be at the bottom and you just flipped it to make space for the buttons but looking at the real thing I'm mistaken xd

I guess it's time to try out the bank robbery again @Mac O-Brian
I knew instantly what phone it was, last year i imported the original mi mix from china but accidentally dropped it 2 weeks ago. Cracked down at the front facing camera and ripped 3 lines across the screen. RIP :(

Note: Minesweeper game is like.. let's say not fully synced cause it acts like the old phone cause when playing, you can press below the actual bits and yeah.
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