26-08-2017 Update Log

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Bank robberies have received a complete overhaul in how they work and how much they will reward participants. You will need to speak with the drug dealer who can get you in contact with someone.

After a brief period you will be texted by this person and told to wire their bank account $5000 to get the heist underway.

Afterward, you’ll be requested to gather a crew who will need to text the number which contacted you with a certain code provided, this gets them in on the action. In a bit, you will make your first face-to-face contact and get the vault cracker from an associate of theirs as the leader.

Once you’ve assembled at the bank, place the vault cracker on the door and get ready to defend it, possibly with your life. Police will get alerted to this after some time and start coming for you.

Unfortunately, the vault cracker is not flawless so it will be up to a member of the crew to reset it on occasion.

When the process is complete it will open the vault door and the money is all yours for the taking.

Grab as much as you can and get out!

You’ll receive more texts instructing you on what to do next, follow it completely and you’ll soon be much richer.

Yes what does this have to do with only getting 30k

There is no way @Fredy would want you to get over 1 mil in a bank robbery. It would make drug growing obsolete and everyone would be doing bank robberies then I think you would find more goodbye posts being made. I think 30k is fine. The reason why money takes ages to get and cars cost so much is to keep the player base for as long as possible, I can guarantee you that if you were suddenly given 50 mil and bought all the stuff you wanted you would eventually stop playing, Because you would have completed all your goals and just get bored. And yes money laundering isn't a quick 'swap suitcases' thing it takes time and money to do it correctly. Also, If you suddenly got over $1,000,000 in your bank account, Well, Any average human can realize that's not right unless proven otherwise. It's all about realism and maintaining the player base.