Update Log - 08/08/2018

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Update Log - 08/08/2018

After some time without any updates (mostly because of me being extremely busy) we now have a semi-heavy update for you. While most of the changes are relatively small I think they will improve the experience of everyone a lot.
  • Fixed legs not being shown when you look down
  • You can now choose to whisper in voice chat - limiting the range you can be heard from - by changing the mode using a key configurable in the F1 Menu (default G)
  • When a car is moving at a dangerous speed you now have to double press E to exit the car
  • There is now a call button in the messenger app
  • Removed the fee from doing bank transfers on the phone and upped the max transferable amount to $100,000
  • Fish prices are now 5 times as high, making fishing more profitable
  • Handing yourself in at the PD when having a warrant will now correctly send a notification to on duty officers and place you in cuffs, as long as there are any alive police officers
  • Items on sale can now be frozen
  • There is now an option at city hall to get a random name, that is based on your character model, i.e. the Asian character model will get a random Asian name.
  • You can now add contacts from the recent call history in the phone app
  • Police officers can now remove tickets from cars by pressing R
  • The mayor election does not block your view and make a cursor appear anymore. Instead it is now on the side of the screen and you have to press tab to enable a cursor
  • Police officers dragging suspects can now force them into the police car by entering the police car while dragging
  • Access to the storage chest inside properties for buddies is now part of the "Houses" (now Properties) permission rather than Storages. This allows players to give access to the player storage inside a house without also giving access to trunks.
  • Some actions can now be cancelled, such as attaching the vault cracker, bandaging or filling mags
  • The secret service now have the option of spawning a Cadillac Escalade
  • Prices of rings have been halved
  • Withdrawing/Depositing into your bank account is now logged in the bank app
  • Organizations now have bank accounts that are not functional yet, this will be part of a future update
  • Changed fast cash to $2000

Thanks to:
@Sossa for collecting most of these suggestions
@D3V for motivation
Everyone who suggested some of the things added.
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