Update Log - 08/08/2018

Now please disallow shooting/attack stance while holding shift so that people cannot run and gun but u can still move and shoot while walking so that shootouts arent about luck and who can dodge bullets more while strafing. Its super aids especially with shotguns as people can strafe out super fast and one shot you with minimal risk of being shot at as they instantly strafe back to cover. Look at crowbars for example, you are unable to just strafe away immediately after using it on a door or car.

Also slightly decrease the accel on TFU range rover so that the response time isnt insanely fast yet still reasonable.

Access to the storage chest inside properties for buddies is now part of the "Houses" (now Properties) permission rather than Storages. This allows players to give access to the player storage inside a house without also giving access to trunks.
thank the fucking lord I may just come back now