Ban Apology (admin meeting)

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Punishment Type: Ban
Appeal Type: Apology
Which staff member issued the punishment?: Ayjay
How long were you banned/blacklisted for?: Permanent

Your Steam Name: proctologist
Your Roleplay Name: Jerry Clarkson
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:35126079

Why were you banned/blacklisted?: Severe trolling.

Why should this appeal be considered?: First of all, I'd like to begin by apologising for my actions which have affected those who were playing at the time of the incident and to the staff members who had to deal with the situation. I am a self-declared nuisance, a pest, an irritant to, I have lead countless campaigns of trolling on a militaristic scale that has damaged the community on numerous occasions, notable, the PERPHeads pirate incident where I commandeered a Roadcrew vehicle while pretending to be a certain Swedish member of the community heavily associated with criminal and gang activities along side extreme personal fitness routines potentially involving performance gaining enhancements which have been banned for competitive use. Recently, I have reconsidered my actions and I have concluded that they were simply unacceptable, in order to rectify this mistake of mine, I have delisted the associated videos on Youtube to prevent potential inspirations to would-be trollers.

We cannot be blind however, to the positive inclusions that I had contributed to our community, namely (and more simply) ringtones that I made back in 2015, alongside of becoming at member of the PERPheads staff team in 2017, as well as reaching the rank of Sergeant in the PLPD. I was incredibly active, before my fall to grace. What lead to it was being demoted from my position (rather unfairly through a witch hunt lead by other members of the community coated in pure toxicity) was a spiraling of pure frustration like a tantrumming child.

I would like to apologise again for my actions, I do know and understand that my actions had consequences and I was aware of my actions, however, now I have been gone for a year and do regret my actions; if I could change the matter at hand I would and definitely wouldn't have done what I had. I would like to express how sincere I am; my actions will not be repeated and would love to be given a second chance - at one point I was a dedicated member of the community and would like to continue to be so. I would like to assure you that I wish to behave more reasonably and with a lot more compassion for this community I once loved. My ban and warning record are atrocious, that is the biggest elephant of the room and I am not proud of my trolling at all.
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