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My ban on the Perpheads server has been long and completely deserved, I would like another chance to prove myself as a good community member, I would like to return to the server to show that I am a changed man and want to return.

I’d like to personally apologize for cheating on the server, It was never my intent to cause harm. I joined the server, rode around in a vehicle for 5 minutes, then was promptly banned.
I’m sorry that I was disrespectful in my actions of connecting with cheats, I did not realize that by doing so would ruin the integrity of the server.

I had decided to join perpheads to play a server that I had heard so much about, and had Citizenhack injected from previous gameplay, this was a poor choice and I regret it immensity.

I am appealing this banishment because I would really like to return to the Perpheads community and play the server as a dedicated community member.

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Why I want to come back to PerpHeads:

I would love to return to Perpheads for many reasons.

One of the main reasons is that for the past months a large group of my friends have all been enjoying their time on perpheads and I would love to return and play with them.

Another reason is in the past 6 months I have recently found a new love for more serious RP related gameplay, such as Arma 3’s ‘Grand theft Arma’ and Santos RP. It has a refreshing gameplay structure that I would love to enjoy on perpheads.

I can promise you that if my apology is to be accepted, I would return as a model community member. I would refresh my knowledge of the rules regularly to ensure that I cause no problems, and you would not have to worry about any further incidents of cheating.

Sincerely, Markus.
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